What does Vg mean?

Vg means Virtus Gloves

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What is the abbreviation for Virtus Gloves?

Virtus Gloves can be abbreviated as Vg
What does Vg mean? It stands for Virtus Gloves
Vg - Virtus Gloves in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Vg

US Trainers: Get ready to add the Steam #Pokemon to your VG team this October!

3-peat European Championships. So proud of you boys! @teamsecret @KValafar_VG @Palmatoro_VG @CoucouVg @vainglory

Pig wrestling event scheduled for July 23rd! RT & message officials to help get it canceled!

A special Mewtwo will be available for qualified VG #PlayPokemon participants!

Help! PETA offers up to $5K for info on this abandoned, dying dog who had a chain embedded.

This dying, abandoned dog's chain was embedded in his neck. PETA offers up to $5K for info.

Last battle of the day! Who will be our VG Masters Division World Champion? #PlayPokemon

Journos asking about Man UTD. Zlatan:-Will be selling clothes in Manchester and rest of England too. If u live there you can buy them #VG

Take a look at the VG strategies we've seen so far at the World Championships! #PlayPokemon

Catch our interview with 2015 VG Masters Division Champion Toler Webb! #PlayPokemon

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Big turnout to tell VG co's that #PerformanceMatters!

Phinn the Swamp Troll! #VaingloryArt by player @DOOD_VG

[Video] Free Syrian Army fighters remove Daesh emblems in liberated Jarabulus

Retweet/favorite this if you want a video lesson on today's plays $LBIX $VG $MGT $BSPM $HMNY $WATT $DRAM $MEET $GEVO

For those of you sick with worry - this is a Vg, and frank, piece on what comes next by a Boris Johnson adviser

2nd-rder A.J Puckett signs w/Royals today for $1.2 mil ($963,700 = pick 67 value). Pepperdine RHP, to 94, VG CH & pitchability. @MLBDraft

I'm commentating the 2016 Pokemon VG World Championships instead of playing. Read:

We are about to kick off game 2 versus VG.R over at #ManilaMajor . Ricki picked! Watch at

We lead the match versus VG.R with 1:0 score. Game 2 coming up shortly #ManilaMajor


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Vg stand for?
Vg stands for "Virtus Gloves".
How to abbreviate "Virtus Gloves"?
"Virtus Gloves" can be abbreviated as Vg.
What is the meaning of Vg abbreviation?
The meaning of Vg abbreviation is "Virtus Gloves".
What is Vg abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Vg is "Virtus Gloves".
What does Vg mean?
Vg as abbreviation means "Virtus Gloves".
What is shorthand of Virtus Gloves?
The most common shorthand of "Virtus Gloves" is Vg.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Vg in term.