What does FP mean?

FP means Potion of Feasting

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What is the abbreviation for Potion of Feasting?

Potion of Feasting can be abbreviated as FP
What does FP mean? It stands for Potion of Feasting
FP - Potion of Feasting in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FP

Indian govt.'s policy decisions will spur vibrant growth in the FP sector which will prove beneficial to the farmers

Here's the #natsec to-do list for newly elected @realDonaldTrump -- time for some unvarnished FP #realtalk, peeps.

Linde group is also interested to set up an air-circulation plant, a lab & an academy to train the personnel required for supporting FP. /2

If TPP doesn't happen (& doesn't look good right now), Asia Pivot-top Obama FP legacy-officially dead. Discussion in US elections: Zero

#BREAKING: Large fire in West Miami-Dade due to an explosion at FPL plant near NW 72nd Ave and 64th Street.

dem response to Orlando wasnt "lets examine our FP & ban guns across the board" it was "lets ban guns for ppl who look like the ppl we bomb"

The @KING5Sports BIG Game is Washington vs. Franklin Pierce. @ChrisEgan5's reports from FP begin Friday at 4 pm. #k5blitz

SP: Black/Rock FP: White/Ballet #Season17

Dobernig in Haft & ein FP-Politiker als Alkolenker. Wenn ihr in unserem Land bleiben wollt, integriert euch und haltet euch an die Gesetze!

What Happened?-I don't think I've written a piece for FP that saddened me more to write--but the job ahead is clear.

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New poll shows people trust @realDonaldTrump on economy, but prefer @HillaryClinton on natsec, immigration and FP.

As a culturally-Catholic Midwesterner angry about trade deals and neocon FP, Michael Moore is an ur-Trumpista:

Obama will hand on involvement in 5-6 civil wars in Islamic world, none with a great exit strategy, to a woman he defeated on FP judgement

#SingaporeGP - FP 1&2: Carlos' full comment on

My thoughts on Trump and Iran, in the FP today Can Trump unravel the #IranDeal? It's complicated @ase @rezaaslan

For FP's latest print issue, Rick Sealock depicts the forces holding women back worldwide:

Bhutan or Nepal should be our next target to make FP more successful!

Interviewed @RandPaul. Says Trump would betray "gimmer of hope" libertarians have in his FP if he picks Bolton/Rudy

@NepentheZ @EASPORTSFIFA i told them bateson stole the FP for me.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does FP stand for?
FP stands for "Potion of Feasting".
How to abbreviate "Potion of Feasting"?
"Potion of Feasting" can be abbreviated as FP.
What is the meaning of FP abbreviation?
The meaning of FP abbreviation is "Potion of Feasting".
What is FP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FP is "Potion of Feasting".
What does FP mean?
FP as abbreviation means "Potion of Feasting".
What is shorthand of Potion of Feasting?
The most common shorthand of "Potion of Feasting" is FP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FP in term.