What does 3 mean?

3 means Three

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What is the abbreviation for Three?

Three can be abbreviated as 3
Other shorthands for Three are: 3D
What does 3 mean? It stands for Three
3 - Three in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having 3

Outstanding 3 for 3 debate sweep for @HillaryClinton! Nobody has ever been more prepared to be @POTUS.

Not a single question about climate change in all 3 debates. Sad. No, really - sad.

Guess who is back?! #HannahMontana returns to for a special marathon of the entire series from 12/3-12/29!

Hilary blew a 3-1 lead @OldRowOfficial

Watch the new trailer for Logan. 3.3.17

Watch the new trailer for Logan. 3.3.17

RT for MWR competitive this year, like for another year of Black Ops 3. Ignore for IW

Classmate: "My GPA is the lowest it's ever been in my life... i feel like cryin" Me:"What is it" Them: 3.63

The Cubs head home up 3-2. Last time they were in the same situation, this happened.

TIMELINE Mar 3- Subpoena for Clinton emails Mar 4- Clinton camp asks to "hold"/hide emails w/ Obama Mar 25-31- Bleachbit used to bury emails

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#GOT7 CANADA FAN MEETING 2016 2016. 11. 11 PM 3:00, 8:00 (PST) @ Vancouver, The Queen Elizabeth Theatre See You Soon!

TO-DO LIST Item #3: Demand the Dems in Congress fight, resist &obstruct this racist sociopath who tricked millions of angry ppl 2 vote 4 him

Empresas Polar denuncia hostigamiento a su presidente, Lorenzo Mendoza, al retener indebidamente vuelo a evento empresarial en Quito (3/3)

Leonard Cohen's letter to his love and muse Marianne Ihlen this year, 3 days before she died.

CBB AP Top 10: 1. Duke 2. Kentucky 3. Villanova 4. Oregon 5. UNC 6. Indiana 7. Kansas 8. Virginia 9. Wisconsin 10. Arizona

When you can't make 3-1 jokes anymore. #Game7

1455 days until the 2020 U.S. presidential election (3 Nov)

So we actually have 3 documented cases of Trump supporters plotting to bomb mosques. One of them was carried out.

Odell Beckham enters the record books as the fastest NFL player to reach 3,500 career Rec yds. (via @ESPNStatsInfo)


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What does 3 stand for?
3 stands for "Three".
How to abbreviate "Three"?
"Three" can be abbreviated as 3.
What is the meaning of 3 abbreviation?
The meaning of 3 abbreviation is "Three".
What is 3 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of 3 is "Three".
What does 3 mean?
3 as abbreviation means "Three".
What is shorthand of Three?
The most common shorthand of "Three" is 3.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word 3 in term.