What does wrt mean?

wrt means sith respect to

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in game Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for sith respect to?

sith respect to can be abbreviated as wrt
What does wrt mean? It stands for sith respect to
wrt - sith respect to in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having wrt

Really admirable how @rajnathsingh ji showed the mirror to Pakistani leaders on their own soil wrt Pak policy of terrorism.

Mind your language sir. also share your UNBIASED views wrt the steps taken since past 2 years to make women safer.

Great to see India's performance improving over the last 5 Olympics wrt participants & medals. #1DayToGo @OGQ_India

Check out ex-XF star @mikey_bromley new band @ABTLSTNT - They've just dropped their EP WRT. RCRD. RPT. Check it out

It's amazing to see on my T/L senior journalists defending the actions of the MP police wrt the alleged #SIMI members. So even if they 1n

Linksys boosts the speed of its customizable WRT router

@Sport_Witness it's based on campaign donations + wrt Kroenke at Arsenal, couldn't find donations, so relied on public statements he's made

ADMK stopped Anna's dream Sethusamudiram project. Brought down TN from No.1 to No.20 wrt. overall growth.

These @HuffPostIndia are repeat offenders, earlier posted a mismatched pic wrt to NIT Srinagar. @UnSubtleDesi

Audi Sport Team WRT starting from 3rd position for the 6h @24hNurburgring qualifying race. #GT3 #LeagueofPerformance

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First @BlancpainGT Sprint Main Race of 2016 goes to @BelgianAudiClub Team WRT with Vanthoor/Vervisch #AudiSport #GT3

For those who did not appreciate the significance of Modi Govt.'s announcements wrt FDI in Ecommerce, Read this ::

Abu Dhabi Total WRT tops best livery poll -

Treasury issues General License I to facilitate #JCPOA implementation, esp. wrt U.S. businesses:

Very happy to be joining #WRT Audi for @BlancpainGT Series with @ReneRastRacing ! Can't wait to go racing! #WS28 #LetsGo #Racing

.@WillStevens_ and @ReneRastRacing to team up for @BlancpainGT assault with WRT Audi:

#Audi driver @ReneRastRacing joins @WillStevens_ in a R8 LMS from WRT in @BlancpainGT Endur & Sprint #AudiSport #GT3

@YungCostanza i was just abt to tweet about weezer wrt lies i've told abt the shrek soundtrack. idk rivers but i love him & weezer

Harish Rawat using sweet poison approach. Reacts to judgement,wrt Centre:'wo chaude seene wale log hain,hum sir jhuka ke kaam karne wale' :)


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does wrt stand for?
wrt stands for "sith respect to".
How to abbreviate "sith respect to"?
"sith respect to" can be abbreviated as wrt.
What is the meaning of wrt abbreviation?
The meaning of wrt abbreviation is "sith respect to".
What is wrt abbreviation?
One of the definitions of wrt is "sith respect to".
What does wrt mean?
wrt as abbreviation means "sith respect to".
What is shorthand of sith respect to?
The most common shorthand of "sith respect to" is wrt.

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