What does GG mean?

GG means Grom'gol Base Camp

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What is the abbreviation for Grom'gol Base Camp?

Grom'gol Base Camp can be abbreviated as GG
What does GG mean? It stands for Grom`gol Base Camp
GG - Grom`gol Base Camp in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GG

The team waited for SSG backstage after realizing they forgot to shake their hands. GG WP Samsung! #Worlds

#C9LoL take down @Immortals_gg 3-2 securing their spot in the #NALCS Finals! #C9HYPE

Grats to wings. Unbelievable to see a team with so many strats and play in so many ways. Also shoutout to DC for their incredible run. gg's

Looks like I'm changing my profile picture tomorrow for a week, GG @Tobjizzle

Not streaming tonight. Grats to the Cubs. RT this and follow for triple chem Moss. Giving it away anyways. Best ws and g7 ive ever seen. Gg.

.......... And that's that. Thank you @S_C_ and now onto some #GG news!!!!!

Leave it to GG... @MaajidNawaz is a "cult leader" and the ignoramus calling him a "coon" is a blameless critic.

Just prove the American people wrong. And make us great again.. I support our new president..I mean we all do..we living here..lmfao gg

The curse is over. 108 years. GG.

4th Seed NA @clgaming says hello to @G2esports first seed. GG #CLGWIN #Worlds @lolesports

More Comments with GG...

@FaZeBlaziken gg

Pearls on the GG in a belt from #GucciCruise17.

OpTic showed up this series, that's GG

@withgian Salve signora, faccia questo sforzo per sua figlia! Sarebbe un bellissimo regalo di Natale! Un abbraccio. GG xoxo

My peer-reviewed analysis of the gamification of online activism, using GG as a case study, has been published:

This #MannequinChallenge wins. GG everyone.

When ppl say gg but its rly bg

Me and ash got seats by emergency exit..where if something happens we have 2 help others..gg

Player of the Game // @Immortals_gg vs @echofoxgg // Game 2: @IMTReignover (4/1/20 - Nidalee) #NALCS


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does GG stand for?
GG stands for "Grom'gol Base Camp".
How to abbreviate "Grom'gol Base Camp"?
"Grom'gol Base Camp" can be abbreviated as GG.
What is the meaning of GG abbreviation?
The meaning of GG abbreviation is "Grom'gol Base Camp".
What is GG abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GG is "Grom'gol Base Camp".
What does GG mean?
GG as abbreviation means "Grom'gol Base Camp".
What is shorthand of Grom'gol Base Camp?
The most common shorthand of "Grom'gol Base Camp" is GG.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GG in term.