What does FR mean?

FR means Fire Resistance

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What is the abbreviation for Fire Resistance?

Fire Resistance can be abbreviated as FR
Other shorthands for Fire Resistance are: FR, F/R, FR, fr
What does FR mean? It stands for Fire Resistance
FR - Fire Resistance in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FR


Slime got barz fr fr plus da boy on dat bish so get dat sh!t !!!!!!!!!!!!

RT ce message et tentez de gagner la paire de crampons de @AntoGriezmann / Follow @beinsports_FR > #LECLUBGRIEZMANN

Haven't been this happy in a while :) thank you all for everything fr.

Last tweet looks like one of those tweets people tweet to get lots of Rt's but I'm fr

Cam'ron bout his money fr fr ... he ain't with the love and hip hop gimmicks or Dana White

They should have threw my mans Yachty a alley hoop fr fr

Spending a lot of time alone means sometimes when ur sweeping & u find a sprout fr last night's dinner u say out loud "Hey baby. U survived"

but fr, don't be scared. don't go nowhere. the beast just took its mask off... Its time to face it America

Hey farmers: u ever get blackout drunk & go to milk the cows but end up milking ur wife lmao I'm totally kidding but FR though could happen

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Retour sur la rencontre entre @MPokora et la famille gagnante des #HappyRoadMoments avec @Renault_Fr #TheVoiceKids

[A l'occasion de #PSGCity] RT et tentez de gagner ce maillot > Follow @beinsports_FR pour jouer #LECLUBDIMARIA

Quand tu vois le but de Payet #FRARUS

That dog filter be making some of y'all finer fr

It's been 4 yrs mom but thank u fr holding my hand & walking me thru this difficult life hope u happy wherever u are

Cause d victory at d end surviving it is just so exhilarating. Life is like that.Enjoy d ride, down or upside down. Wait fr d exhilaration

5) Gay people had no party on their side & no one to represent or speak for them fr halls of power. ACT UP protested Democrats continually.

Hats off to u @msisodia fr allowing peaceful protest by students agnst fee hike. Dear Central Gov,THIS is democracy!

#Scandal fans: Still time to get tix fr tmrrw's #PaleyFest LA IN PERSON @kerrywashington @tonygoldwyn @shondarhimes


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does FR stand for?
FR stands for "Fire Resistance".
How to abbreviate "Fire Resistance"?
"Fire Resistance" can be abbreviated as FR.
What is the meaning of FR abbreviation?
The meaning of FR abbreviation is "Fire Resistance".
What is FR abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FR is "Fire Resistance".
What does FR mean?
FR as abbreviation means "Fire Resistance".
What is shorthand of Fire Resistance?
The most common shorthand of "Fire Resistance" is FR.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FR in term.