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0x Zero X electric motorcycle manufactured by Zero Motorcycles    
16° sestodecimo (page size)    
2000 version 5.0 of Microsoft Windows    
2PDT Two-Pole Double-Throw    
4SR Four-channel Surround Sound    
4SR Four-shelf door mount Spice Rack    
4SR-15 Four-Shelf door mount Spice Rack, 15 inches long    
4SR-18 Four-shelf door mount Spice Rack, 18 inches long    
4SR-21 Four-shelf door mount Spice Rack, 21 inches long    
4WALB Four-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes    
4WG 4-pass Wet-back fire tube Boiler with Gun Burner    
4WN Four-port Wall plate, Nylon    
4WP Series 4 Worm gear Power winch    
4WP Four-legged Work Platform    
4WW Four-Wheeled Walker    
4WW Water Wiggler Water Agitator, model 4    
4WW Four-Wheel Wagon    
95 version 4.0 of Microsoft Windows    
98 version 4.1 of Microsoft Windows    
883 Referring to Harley Davidson's 883cc motorcycle engine (not an acronym)    
AA Automatic Analyzer    
AA Adjustable Arms    
AA Automated Anvil    
AAC Advanced Auto Clamp    
AACTS Automated Accelerated Characterization Test System    
AAE Advanced Action Engine    
AAFI Air Assisted Fuel Injector    
AAV Automobile Air Vent    
AB Anheuser-Busch    
ABC American Brilliant Cut    
ABC Altek Bar Code    
ABD Anti Bounce Device    
ABG Absolute Best Guaranteed    
ABIS Automatic Bee Identification System    
ABM Automatic Bottle Machine    
ABN Aluminum Brass Nickel    
ABO Alpha Boat Originals    
ABP American Brilliant Period    
ABQR Active Bio Quartz Ring    
ABS Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene    
ABS Anti-Ballistic Selenium    
ABS Agile Body Suit    
ABS Anti Balance System    
ABSD Achievable Buoy Station Dimension    
AC Air Conditioner    
AC Antique Copper    
AC Affordable Cars    
ACC Accumulator