What does GOSU mean?

GOSU means God of Starcraft unit

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What is the abbreviation for God of Starcraft unit?

God of Starcraft unit can be abbreviated as GOSU
What does GOSU mean? It stands for God of Starcraft unit
GOSU - God of Starcraft unit in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GOSU

@lolGosu this is your fault gosu

Someone took Gosu, lolGosu and TSMGosu on Pokemon GO WTF

@lolGosu gosu why are you asking me how to improve on skype you can just ask here

Really sick but can't sleep so gonna do some old school gosu stream with no mic in an hour or two

@lolGosu @scarra gosu if we lose im gonna curse you

With a 2-0 victory over EndPoint in the qualifiers, we secure a spot in the Gosu @lenovo Cup. 1st game tomorrow!

Hey @Frodan you see the Gosu Awards for best caster?

3 FaZe COD Players KICKED! YouTuber SUES H3H3 - PewDiePie, Anomaly Chicken Pox, Gosu Car Crash: via @YouTube

playing with gosu and turtle

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What does GOSU stand for?
GOSU stands for "God of Starcraft unit".
How to abbreviate "God of Starcraft unit"?
"God of Starcraft unit" can be abbreviated as GOSU.
What is the meaning of GOSU abbreviation?
The meaning of GOSU abbreviation is "God of Starcraft unit".
What is GOSU abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GOSU is "God of Starcraft unit".
What does GOSU mean?
GOSU as abbreviation means "God of Starcraft unit".
What is shorthand of God of Starcraft unit?
The most common shorthand of "God of Starcraft unit" is GOSU.
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