What does QP mean?

QP means Quest Points

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What is the abbreviation for Quest Points?

Quest Points can be abbreviated as QP
What does QP mean? It stands for Quest Points
QP - Quest Points in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having QP

#MalaysianGP - QP Results: 1st #JohannZarco @MotoGP

Impressive stuff from @DannyKent52 in FP3, can he convert it into a front row? #Moto2 on track for QP! #ValenciaGP

Marquez leads second row after wet QP in Malaysia, Hiroshi Aoyama in 17th

WATCH: @MichelleRempel urges Liberal government to bring in more refugees, specifically Yazidis. #QP #cdnpoli

#Moto2 QP underway at the #MalaysianGP. If the rain stays away we could see some fast (but risky) laps on slicks at the end of the session!

We cannot afford the nuclear industry's 180% price increase. Why is this not being talked about at QP? #onpoli

In case you are wondering why @JustinTrudeau is not in QP today given that he is not off signing #CETA #cdnpoli

Angus: Will PM release cash for indigenous kids in Canada? Bennett: We take issue seriously and are funding initiatives to deal with it #qp

#THEBUNKER - This Saturday In Los Angeles. Dizaster vs Official E Ness vs B Magic Fresco vs QP Reverse Live vs Rosenber Raw + MORE

Poilievre: What is cost 2 create 1 job, seeing as Libs spent $30 billion & created none? Morneau: our investments will grow economy #qp

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McIver wants Notley to drop the lawsuit. Speaker stops the QP clock and says DUDES. I've told you it's b4 the court stop asking Qs #ableg

Minister @MPMihychuk takes questions in Senate QP. Listen live: #cdnpoli #SenCA

Deltell: Will U agree CPP to cost economy 4 years 2 come as reported Libs: our investments will help economy #qp

"[Students are] concerned that rising tuition and student debt is going to give them a debt sentence" @WabKinew in QP today #AllOutNov2

Ritz: Will PM travel to brussels to seal CETA since Freeland can't? Freeland: CETA was stalled under Tories, we did our job, #qp

Remple: How many Yazidis coming? McCallum: We agreed to Tory motion on Yazidis, not enough? more coming, it will be done. #qp

Poilievre: Why R Libs raising CPP, its killing jobs - re: FPC: Cdns want secure stable retirement, we deliver #qp

Bloc: Will Libs fast-track refugees Christians from N Iraq? McCallum: We brought in 30,000 refugees, we're working on Yazidi plan #qp

Wynne says @ndesrosiers will fight at QP for equality for women, child care and a fair and inclusive society. #onpoli


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does QP stand for?
QP stands for "Quest Points".
How to abbreviate "Quest Points"?
"Quest Points" can be abbreviated as QP.
What is the meaning of QP abbreviation?
The meaning of QP abbreviation is "Quest Points".
What is QP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of QP is "Quest Points".
What does QP mean?
QP as abbreviation means "Quest Points".
What is shorthand of Quest Points?
The most common shorthand of "Quest Points" is QP.