What does Hume mean?

Hume means Short for human

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What is the abbreviation for Short for human?

Short for human can be abbreviated as Hume
What does Hume mean? It stands for Short for human
Hume - Short for human in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Hume

I'm guessing Greta was just too fair to Trump to remain on FoxNews. She's gone, Hume (Trump hater) replaces her.

Philosopher, historian, economist and essayist David Hume died #OnThisDay 1776

Did Megyn Kelly push out Greta to get her lover Brit Hume a better time slot on Cuck News?

Greta out. Wanted too much money. Brit Hume takes over temporarily. Smart thing would be to move Lou Dobbs into that slot.

@pririsht :As of now Trump is winning. 90 percent Indians are voting for Trump since they don't like the influence of Hume Abedin on Clinton

FED UP: This Brit Hume retweet sure sums up why Hillary Clinton lost with 1 shattering truth-boom

Fox News gives a primetime show to Roger Ailes defender and sexual assault denier Brit Hume.

Sharafat ko kamzori na samjhe. Hum bhi bharat se hai. Agar tehzeeb raaz nahi aati, to aapke level par utar ke baat karna hume bhi aata hai.

Was @brithume the "supervisor" Kelly says she reported Ailes harassment to? Hume recruited her to Fox News and was her mentor

Brit Hume has a look of shock on his face. Megyn Kelly is in mourning. #ElectionNight

More Comments with Hume...

Fox News spokesperson says Brit Hume said in a statement: "Megyn Kelly never made a sexual harassment complaint to me."

.@FoxNews what were you thinking for #OnTheRecord? This is the energy of #Hume. Bad.....Real bad. #Boring #Monotone

Ek taraf seema pe jaan pe khel ke jawan hume suraksha de rahe hai, wahi jawan aatmahathya bhi kar rahe hai: UP CM

David Hume - the sceptic's sceptic #currentlyreading

Netaji jo bhi faisla lenge vo hume sweekar hai: Shivpal Yadav addressing supporters in Saifai

Seriously, you guys, look up "the is/ought problem" and David Hume Wikipedia pages before you @ me

Brit Hume increases Van Susteren's audience on first night as "On the Record" host

Looking for support act on tour...I'm listening @Nicola_Hume @jacktheladradio @tomevansheart @HeartSussex

Brit Hume's On the Record Debut Brings Rise in Ratings


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Hume stand for?
Hume stands for "Short for human".
How to abbreviate "Short for human"?
"Short for human" can be abbreviated as Hume.
What is the meaning of Hume abbreviation?
The meaning of Hume abbreviation is "Short for human".
What is Hume abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Hume is "Short for human".
What does Hume mean?
Hume as abbreviation means "Short for human".
What is shorthand of Short for human?
The most common shorthand of "Short for human" is Hume.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Hume in term.