What does WF mean?

WF means Westfall

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What is the abbreviation for Westfall?

Westfall can be abbreviated as WF
What does WF mean? It stands for Westfall
WF - Westfall in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having WF

air bruv 95s (via @WF)

My new @theACCDN Power Poll: 1) UofL 2) Clemson 3) FSU 4) VT 5) UNC 6) Miami 7) Pitt 8) GT 9) NC St. 10) WF 11) Duke 12) Cuse 13) UVa 14) BC

Our new vid is up! First lip sync from WF in 10 YEARS! Hope we make JT proud! (responding to comments NOW!)

3. One common form of nostalgia is to suddenly praise old right wing politicians (Reagan!) or thinkers (WF Buckley) as better than Trump.

My new @theaccdn power poll: 1) Clemson 2) UofL 3) VT 4) UNC 5) FSU 6) Miami 7) Pitt 8) WF 9) GT 10) NC St. 11) Cuse 12) UVa 13) Duke 14) BC

I wonder if @jtimberlake will see our new video. Only he could bring WF back to lipsyncs! Hope he finds it! lol

FINAL: @RyanRaiderFB 38, WF Rider 14 Denton Ryan clinches District 5-5A Stats: #txhsfb

Louisville with a big fourth-down conversion, keys a clutch touchdown drive for a 16-12 lead on WF. This is a survive-and-advance Saturday.

Officiating is terrible at college and NFL level. Targeting in WF/Louisville gm is ridiculous

ACC opening lines via Vegas Insider: UNC -10.5 @ Duke FSU -20.5 vs. BC Clem -17 vs. Pitt Lville -33 vs. WF VT -15 vs. GT Miami -12.5 @ UVa

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ACC football APRs: Duke 995 GT 987 Clemson 983 UL 982 BC 981 UVa 974 Cuse 973 Pitt 970 NC State 969 VT 969 WF 968 Miami 965 UNC 952 FSU 945

Wil Fry (@WF) puts his own hilarious twist on Vetements' $900 Snoop Dogg T-shirt:

.@WF drops a $130 USD graphic tee of Vetements' $900 USD @SnoopDogg merch-inspired tee.

Big congrats to our junior stars of today at #Bourges2016! Poland in WF & Russia in MS are world champions #fencing

@ender5058 Thanks for reporting. Our engineers are currently looking into this to correct. Keep checking back for updates. #NetflixQC *WF

ACC football/hoop combined league wins this year: UNC 22 Cle 19 UM 18 Lou 17 Va 16 Duke 15 Pitt 15 FSU 15 VT 14 SU 11 GT 9 NCSt 9 WF 3 BC 0

On World #AutismAwareness Day, we look at when Coach Brey wore @AutismSpeaks puzzle piece pin during Feb. win vs WF.

Wellbeing Project: uncovering changemakers' deep need for personal support @WellbeingProj1


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What does WF stand for?
WF stands for "Westfall".
How to abbreviate "Westfall"?
"Westfall" can be abbreviated as WF.
What is the meaning of WF abbreviation?
The meaning of WF abbreviation is "Westfall".
What is WF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of WF is "Westfall".
What does WF mean?
WF as abbreviation means "Westfall".
What is shorthand of Westfall?
The most common shorthand of "Westfall" is WF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word WF in term.