What does Main mean?

Main means A player's main character

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What is the abbreviation for A player's main character?

A player's main character can be abbreviated as Main
What does Main mean? It stands for A player`s main character
Main - A player`s main character in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Main

Spongebob is the main character, but Patrick is the star.

Stephen Bannon was the main driver behind Breitbart becoming a white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill

My main takeaway tonight: Just how badly out of touch the primarily East/West Coast-based political media is with the pulse of the country.

OMG!!!! The #UFC207 Main event just took the stage! @Amanda_Leoa vs @RondaRousey

At Trump's NYC Election Night party venue, there's a camera spot labeled "TRUMP TV" on the main riser in the grand ballroom.

At a perilous moment for the nation, the main story the public heard about was email server management

The main thing the Jeff Sessions pick proves is that Trump really is the guy he said he was on the campaign trail:

In the spirit of fairness, I wish both main candidates all the best today. So good luck to both Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin.

Texted with two Bears players about Jay Cutler. Oh my. Main thing they said: most of locker room has given up on Cutler.

Hidup itu kayak main Overwatch, kadang di-nerf, kadang di-buff..

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West Bengal: NIA arrests main accused in major fake currency racket from Malda

been working a lot on new main channel video by the way, will be up either tomorrow or wednesday :)

Love it how people who considered Stewart & Colbert their main info source since mid-Dubya are now howling about the scourge of "fake" news.

With impact of the Latino vote, I wonder how long before a Latino is on the main anchor desk on election night (as I click thru channels)?

Besok! Tonton serunya Member @officialJKT48 main seru di #LetsGetWetIDJKT48 yuk. Merapat pkl 16:00

WHAT A MAIN EVENT!!! Former champ @RdosAnjosMMA takes on 'El Cucuy' @TonyFergusonXT ONLY on @FS1!! #UFCMexico

Donald Trump's main benefactors are now neocon, pro-war billionaires, if you look at disclosure records for the big Trump SuperPACs.

Reminder that Trump's main response to the Flint water crisis was a joke about it.

Toppers hari ini Toped mau ajak main lagi nih dengan tagar #Tokopedia ada voucher 100 ribu menunggu kamu, siapa yg mau ikutan? RT dulu yuk.


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What does Main stand for?
Main stands for "A player's main character".
How to abbreviate "A player's main character"?
"A player's main character" can be abbreviated as Main.
What is the meaning of Main abbreviation?
The meaning of Main abbreviation is "A player's main character".
What is Main abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Main is "A player's main character".
What does Main mean?
Main as abbreviation means "A player's main character".
What is shorthand of A player's main character?
The most common shorthand of "A player's main character" is Main.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Main in term.

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