What does F2P mean?

F2P means Free-to-play

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What is the abbreviation for Free-to-play?

Free-to-play can be abbreviated as F2P
What does F2P mean? It stands for Free-to-play
F2P - Free-to-play in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having F2P

New PS Plus Specials offer exclusive AAA bundles and savings up to 40% on F2P content

Cut loose and co-op in #HappyDungeons [T], a playful action F2P RPG for #XboxOne:

Overwatch Is getting a F2P weekend on November 18! THIS IS ACTUALLY THE BEST.

Wow that's legit. It looks like Destiny is free. Some are even saying it's going F2P. Would you like that?

Ok so, Red Dead Redemption Evolve F2P Battlefield 1 Rust New Patch I don't know what to play or do.

Warframe is one of the most popular F2P games, so we asked its fans what keeps them playing:

Mobile gaming is so vibrant that 1% of the mobile player base accounts for 58% of F2P revenue. Sounds viable.

Evolve has been removed from sale on Steam. Could it be evolving into a F2P game?

Evolve player count increases 15,930 per cent after going F2P.

.@EvolveGame is going f2p with a lot of changes. Might revisit.

More Comments with F2P...

Trying out Evolve F2P

CDPR tries its hand at F2P with standalone version of The Witcher's Gwent

CDPR tries its hand at F2P with standalone version of The Witcher's Gwent

E3 JV Awards - Le meilleur F2P est Gwent The Witcher Card Game ! #e3jvcom #e32016

The Tomorrow Children will be F2P, early access coming next month.

Some #gamedev lessons learned from swimming with the whales in a popular F2P game:

What if Death Stranding is a f2p collectible card game

Atlas Reactor, Trion's simultaneous turn-based tactical game, has ditched plans to be F2P:

AngryJoe Revisits @PlayWarframe! + AJS Update! Impressed w/ the content here for F2P! Nice!


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does F2P stand for?
F2P stands for "Free-to-play".
How to abbreviate "Free-to-play"?
"Free-to-play" can be abbreviated as F2P.
What is the meaning of F2P abbreviation?
The meaning of F2P abbreviation is "Free-to-play".
What is F2P abbreviation?
One of the definitions of F2P is "Free-to-play".
What does F2P mean?
F2P as abbreviation means "Free-to-play".
What is shorthand of Free-to-play?
The most common shorthand of "Free-to-play" is F2P.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word F2P in term.