What does Seers mean?

Seers means Seers' Village

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What is the abbreviation for Seers' Village?

Seers' Village can be abbreviated as Seers
What does Seers mean? It stands for Seers` Village
Seers - Seers` Village in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Seers

At the Gorakhnath Temple, spoke about the positive contribution of saints & seers in our society.

Right through the history of this culture, sages and seers have been the very embodiment of knowing.

Why are so many BJP leaders/ministers, Hindu seers, pro-govt mediapersons so insecure now... all getting security. Isn't country safer now?

No exodus but fear in #Kairana: Fact-finding team of Hindu seers, contradicting BJP's claim

We finally have a name for the other guys, "Seers"! #DarkMatter #RazaCrew

The Trump prophesies: Meet the internet seers who foretold his rise

Ep 207 will be a VERY hard act to follow... But I'm doing it! Watch ep 208 Saturday night! Potatoes, seers & unexpected guests... #outlander

Express my deepest gratitude to Akhara Parishad, saints & seers for their blessings, guidance & unwavering cooperation during @Simhasth.

During @Simhasth, I developed emotional chord with revered saints & seers. Their blessings will continue to illuminate my path & inspire me.

Spectacular glimpse of Naga Sadhus & seers taking holy dip in Kshipra river during the last Shahi Snan of @Simhasth.

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First of all, I want to bow to all saints and seers who are here today: PM begins his speech #VaicharikMahakumbh

First of all, I want to bow to all saints and seers who are here today: PM Narendra Modi in Ujjain

First of all, I want to bow to all saints and seers who are here today: PM begins his speech @SimhasthConf @Simhasth

Requested saints & seers to hold a Vichar Kumbh every year with their devotees & discuss relevant social issues.

"The world doesn't always prepare great seers to do work beyond the symbolic." Theaster Gates on converting vision into action #ArtsSummit

As special gesture, Govt. is distributing food grains at subsidized rates to Mahanats, saints and seers in Akhadas during @Simhasth.

Eco seers don't come along too often,but #Rajan is one of them says TIME on #RBIGOV @CNBCTV18Live

The divine combine blessings of Lord Mahakal & the saints and seers will bring prosperity and well being happiness to our beloved state.

.@Simhasth has been dedicated to women's empowerment also. Pandals set up by female saints & seers were never seen in such number earlier.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Seers stand for?
Seers stands for "Seers' Village".
How to abbreviate "Seers' Village"?
"Seers' Village" can be abbreviated as Seers.
What is the meaning of Seers abbreviation?
The meaning of Seers abbreviation is "Seers' Village".
What is Seers abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Seers is "Seers' Village".
What does Seers mean?
Seers as abbreviation means "Seers' Village".
What is shorthand of Seers' Village?
The most common shorthand of "Seers' Village" is Seers.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Seers in term.