What does HoS mean?

HoS means Harvester of Sorrows

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What is the abbreviation for Harvester of Sorrows?

Harvester of Sorrows can be abbreviated as HoS
What does HoS mean? It stands for Harvester of Sorrows
HoS - Harvester of Sorrows in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having HoS


Happening Now: Face of Democracy in Africa, @GEJonathan visits ex President IBB and former HOS, Abubakar in Minna.

Also, obvious point, but the U-Turn Fox did from "believe Bill's accusers" to "lookit these lying hos with salacious gossip" is astounding.

Heart + hustle = @TheRealHos35. Vote Hos for the @MLBPAA #HeartAndHustle Award:

"It is a serious thing that judges could be arrested. By law, you cannot just arrest anybody just like that"-Gen. Yakubu Gowon, former HOS.

Addressing #TICADVI Ministerial meeting that ratified ' Draft Nairobi Declaration' to be considered by HOS tomorrow.

Here we go: 3 Months after overthrow, fmr Nig HoS Gen Gowon pictured queueing for lunch at Warwick Uni canteen(1975)

First Skittles, now Tic Tacs. Twitter accounts for Ho Hos, Nutrageous, and Whoopie Pies now on high alert. -H

Pres #Museveni at #IGADMog2016 in #Mogadishu, historic HoS summit the 1st hosted by #Somalia since war began in 1991

You tell her that she was the only ho for you, & that she was better than all the other hos. Then... Then suddenly she's not your ho no mo'

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So honored to be a part of telling #RobertoDuran's legendary story. Opens TOMORROW! Bravo @JoJakubowicz & HOS team

Relatively new? Personally, PB was a governor in d 70s, ran NNPC in the 70s, was HoS in the 80s, ran PTF in the 90s

Ho's are starting to piss me off. Stop telling me , you not like that. There's no way I talked to 100 hos & not one of y'all is "like that"

Just went through my DMs & all o have to say to all the hos I didn't DM that didn't reply....F YALL

Maitland,Wyong Goulburn, Shellharbour hospitals to be built & run by private operators but publicly funded, same as Northern Beaches hos'l

It's heeeeeeeeeerrrre! (It's basically a holiday at @HoS_Burbank). Peel-off cover: DO I DARE?

All these hos trying to fornicate with me ...but I ran for my life like usain bolt cuz I love Jesus and my girl and monogamy

2. #EAC HoS congratulated #SouthSudan for timely depositing of instruments of ratification of the treaty of accession into #EAC with the SG.

Can't thank enough, the Leaders(HoS&Govt),CEOs and other participants including young&upcoming leaders!


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What does HoS stand for?
HoS stands for "Harvester of Sorrows".
How to abbreviate "Harvester of Sorrows"?
"Harvester of Sorrows" can be abbreviated as HoS.
What is the meaning of HoS abbreviation?
The meaning of HoS abbreviation is "Harvester of Sorrows".
What is HoS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of HoS is "Harvester of Sorrows".
What does HoS mean?
HoS as abbreviation means "Harvester of Sorrows".
What is shorthand of Harvester of Sorrows?
The most common shorthand of "Harvester of Sorrows" is HoS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word HoS in term.