What does RE mean?

RE means Reply

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What is the abbreviation for Reply?

Reply can be abbreviated as RE
Other shorthands for Reply are: QLS, RB, Qsl, RPLY, REP, Irt, RTT
What does RE mean? It stands for Reply
RE - Reply in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having RE

when you're best friends with literally the cutest dog on earth.

you're allowed to mourn; to feel hurt, afraid, confused. you're also allowed to feel inspired to get involved & work toward a better future.

If you're rioting to protest against a democratic election, just know that your behavior is why Trump won in the first place.

You're a truuuu-u-uuue friend, you're here till the eeeend (in Hannah Montana's voice)

Guys, the #TrumpProtests aren't "riots." They're to assure a nervous planet Earth that we'll go against him if he tries something crazy.

You're literally protesting against free democratic elections. Go live in North Korea, you absolute trash. #TrumpProtest

RT if you're #TeamRowlet for #PokemonSunMoon!

A great challenge of life: Knowing enough to think you're doing it right, but not enough to know you're doing it wrong.

Me: "I'm not even that hungry. Plus, I need to save money, I'm broke." Me to me: "you're starving"

sorry.. must be a different michael you're looking for..?

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If you're at a polling place and someone tries to intimidate you or stop you from voting, here's what to do.

Put this song on while we're in the car and you'll have me singing to ya

These are your options, if you're sick of corporate CEO interference in elections... #BoycottPepsi

Me: let it go it's not that serious you're overreacting My brain : tell them how you find it funny

The FBI has re-opened the Clinton investigation. Will the American people rise up and vote for honest change?

When you're at the Popeyes counter and see them putting fresh spicy chicken in the bin #RIPVine

It's not every day I get to tell someone they're the #SexiestManAlive, but when I told @TheRock, I meant it.

22: We're back in front!!! Dejan Lovren heads home. Get in!! [1-2] #CRYLIV

Bill Clinton was just interrupted by several protestors in Waterloo, Iowa. "You're a rapist!"


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What does RE stand for?
RE stands for "Reply".
How to abbreviate "Reply"?
"Reply" can be abbreviated as RE.
What is the meaning of RE abbreviation?
The meaning of RE abbreviation is "Reply".
What is RE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of RE is "Reply".
What does RE mean?
RE as abbreviation means "Reply".
What is shorthand of Reply?
The most common shorthand of "Reply" is RE.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word RE in term.