What does IIRC mean?

IIRC means If I Recall Correctly

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What is the abbreviation for If I Recall Correctly?

If I Recall Correctly can be abbreviated as IIRC
What does IIRC mean? It stands for If I Recall Correctly
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having IIRC

When you hear stories about "exit polls" on today, remember: THERE ARE NO NAT'L EXIT POLLS ANYMORE. Edison is only in 12 (IIRC) states.

A great old barn in Galt, Ont., that pays tribute to Gordie and, IIRC from minor hockey tourney there, Kirk Maltby.

The rumors were true. Overwatch passed League of Legends in PCBang ranks. The first time in nearly four years iirc

Most importantly: IIRC Larry is Number 10's cat, not Cameron's. Staff buy his food. So will he stay under PM May?

Basic law of politics (Jane's Law, IIRC): the party in power tends towards smugness+complacency; while the out-party tends towards insanity.

I remember the Bush pretzel and Bush mountain biking incidents, and the colonoscopy. IIRC Bush made statement to the press on the last.

On 6 yr deal, TB, IIRC, would buy two years of Kucherov's UFA, so one could argue he should be north of $6M, maybe well north, on 6 yr term.

Barca's sporting director has flown to South America on transfer business. They have first option on Gabigol iirc

If Green Bay doesn't figure it out today, could see McCarthy get fired. IIRC, TT was critical of MM after his "energy" comments last week.

Pretty slick too. IIRC, full volume encryption from the root disk w/ client keys is something AWS doesn't offer.

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@Aportzline If it has rum in it, I'm drinkin it. IIRC, Pina colada has TWO types of rum. I'll turn in my adult male card for that. Cheers.

guys: IIRC, that...wasn't the word she reportedly used. Which I don't think they print in a family newspaper.

Baio: "America: the greatest country God ever created," bc apparently -- contra IIRC Sunday school -- God *does* make junk.

Should be streaming this Tuesday around 12PM for a bit as a test public streaming, I need one more item that's coming monday IIRC

Fantastic preview by expert @JamesFallows, who IIRC anticipated Romney's strengths before the first 2012 debate

And white women, a majority of whom iirc are voting for trump

@TriZTroCiTy @LogicTheDon @nike2144 @voddkaah IIRC this guy is basically the Australian iBad

What a win that was. Beat Kevin Curren, who, IIRC, had defeated both McEnore and Connors to reach the final.

Last year, both the Grizzlies and Cavs went up 2-1 on the Warriors iirc. Game 4 is going to be huge. And OKC has been pure heart. #WCF


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What does IIRC stand for?
IIRC stands for "If I Recall Correctly".
How to abbreviate "If I Recall Correctly"?
"If I Recall Correctly" can be abbreviated as IIRC.
What is the meaning of IIRC abbreviation?
The meaning of IIRC abbreviation is "If I Recall Correctly".
What is IIRC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IIRC is "If I Recall Correctly".
What does IIRC mean?
IIRC as abbreviation means "If I Recall Correctly".
What is shorthand of If I Recall Correctly?
The most common shorthand of "If I Recall Correctly" is IIRC.