What does CN mean?

CN means China

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What is the abbreviation for China?

China can be abbreviated as CN
Other shorthands for China are: CH, 156, URC, fc, 86, ZWWW, Ch.
What does CN mean? It stands for China
CN - China in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CN

I sumtimes watch u in wonder.Hw cn 1 human being b capable of so much brilliance.Thank u 4 d magic sir #MohenjoDaro

Very sad to c hw smbdy cn do ths to animal.he shld get big punishmnt and gvt shld bring strict rules agnst ths crime

Holiii hoy voy a estar en @altoflashok como invitada especial jeje mirenme q hay camara y ns vamos a divertir cn bat

Buen dia cn Bat!!

La tia @marvenancio habla cn Bat desde Chile por skype y le cuenta el regalito q le compro.. Q canches!!

Paseo alcorta cn @CarlosTerpo !!!

Tune in here tomorrow at 20:15 to watch my Q&A with Lauren Laverne on @lumos, life and writing!

Court can unilaterally ban childrn from participating in Dahi Handi..But whn it comes to Matam they cn only "appeal"

City Hall and the CN Tower will be lit blue and gold tonight in support of Down Syndrome Awareness Week.

City Hall and the CN Tower will be lit pink tonight in recognition of World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Te la vas a perder?? Contactat cn 1138554501

Beach vibes art by @everydaylouie! Get custom art from your fav artists at CN Collective:

I love how all the KR/CN/TW players have adopted the "XD" now

Super perigee full moon sets behind the CN tower in Toronto #toronto #supermoon #CNtower

Hello @Usefuljossy, kindly provide the mobile number via DM for checks and assistance. Thank you.^CN

HAZARD: CN Tower area -Media/people have parked in the area - #PokemonGo event -Parking reserved for buses/special needs -Plz move cars ^dh

Heartwarming our efforts r being recognized by people.It's ur Railways,2gether v cn make #SwachhRailSwachhBharat

If Toronto isn't careful, it could lose the CN Tower.

Train derails in Edmonton CN rail yard above 97 Street underpass


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What does CN stand for?
CN stands for "China".
How to abbreviate "China"?
"China" can be abbreviated as CN.
What is the meaning of CN abbreviation?
The meaning of CN abbreviation is "China".
What is CN abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CN is "China".
What does CN mean?
CN as abbreviation means "China".
What is shorthand of China?
The most common shorthand of "China" is CN.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CN in term.