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AADC Automated Area Distribution Center    
ABE Automated Barcode Evaluator    
ABMPS Automated Business Mail Processing System    
AC Actual Count    
ACDCS Air Contract Data Collection System    
ACS Address Change Service    
ACT Air Contract Transportation Tag    
AD Andorra    
ADA Advance Deposit Account    
ADAPT Automatic Density Analysis Profile Technique    
ADC Area Distribution Center    
ADDR Address    
AE Additional Entry    
AF Afghanistan    
AFC Advanced Facer-Canceler    
AFCS/OCR Advanced Facer Canceler System with Optical Character Reader    
AG Antigua and Barbuda    
AGS Address Guide System    
AI Anguilla    
AIC Account Identifier Code    
AL Albania    
AM Address Management    
am Activity Model    
AMC/F Airport Mail Center/Facility    
AMO Area Maintenance Office    
AMS Alternate Mailing System    
AMS Aerial Mail Service    
AMS Address Management Services    
AMS-API Address Matching System Application Programming Interface    
AN Netherlands Antilles    
AO Angola    
AOI Associate Office Infrastructure    
AP Accounting Period    
APARS Accounts Payable Accounting and Reporting System    
APS Adjustment Processing System    
APT Apartment    
APWU American Postal Workers Union    
AQ Antarctica    
AR Armenia    
AR Argentina    
ARM Accelerated Reply Mail    
AS Adult Signature    
ASC accounting service center    
ASC Adjusted Service Commitment exclusion period    
ASF Administrative Support Facility    
ASM Administrative Support Manual    
ASR Adult Signature Required    
AT Austria    
AU Australia    
AVE Avenue