What does BG mean?

BG means Bulgaria

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What is the abbreviation for Bulgaria?

Bulgaria can be abbreviated as BG
Other shorthands for Bulgaria are: BU, BGR, 100, 359, , Bulg, b
What does BG mean? It stands for Bulgaria
BG - Bulgaria in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BG

Le mannequin challenge c'est bg de ouf. Dommage que tous les STAPS random de France vont le rendre ringard

Di mana2 skrg lagu raya dimainkan. Byk lagu baru, tp yg klasik spt Dendang Perantau, Slmt Hari Raya lbh merdu bg sy. Apa lagu kgemaran anda?

Saya telah luluskan peruntukan bg @KKMPutrajaya utk baik pulih Hosp Sultanah Aminah.

Free BG

New Zealand issues a tsunami warning being rocked by a 6.6 earthquake

@saviorsivan cute bg

Tp Janji Kerja ini kami tawarkan utk jd ikrar brsama antara kandidat & warga, jd agenda kerja bg kt smua sbg pelaku proaktif. #MajuBersama

Congratulations to IR construction team 4 record commissioning of BG Track of 2800km,40%more than14-15,12%more than target#TransformingIndia

Nurse sent to #Attawapiskat says children's suicide planning was "a cry for help from the young people here." BG:

Clinton has now won these BG states: VA, OH, FL, IA, NV, NC; Sanders: NH, WI, CO. He might net 15 delegates tonight. Doesn't change dynamic.

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Ate speaking le bior deme 1dunia paham. takkan nak bg oghang melayu je paham.kene le share kamu ni pon kdekut benor!

1st BG Freight Train Enters Into Agartala Marking The Begining Of A New Era For Tripura.

Dukung ekonomi kreatif dgn Pembangunan SDM, Pembiayaan bg usaha kreatif, Perluasan pasar, Pengembangan Industri Kreatif, Infrastruktur & IT

"Le plus BG du vestiaire ? C'est moi, tout le monde le sait !" Lucas pour le #CFC

Shifting to low-carbon: Norway's $860 billion fund drops 52 companies linked to coal

Now: Ban Ki-moon joing @JimKim_WBG, @QueenRania & @JunckerEU to discuss #dev4peace #refugees

BTS shot of the Rover in the Hanger Bay - note the green/blue screen in the BG. #The100

China trades enough cotton in a day to make a pair of jeans for every person on the planet


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BG stand for?
BG stands for "Bulgaria".
How to abbreviate "Bulgaria"?
"Bulgaria" can be abbreviated as BG.
What is the meaning of BG abbreviation?
The meaning of BG abbreviation is "Bulgaria".
What is BG abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BG is "Bulgaria".
What does BG mean?
BG as abbreviation means "Bulgaria".
What is shorthand of Bulgaria?
The most common shorthand of "Bulgaria" is BG.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BG in term.