What does SS mean?

SS means Steel Sword

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Particularly in game Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Steel Sword?

Steel Sword can be abbreviated as SS
What does SS mean? It stands for Steel Sword
SS - Steel Sword in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SS

4. For leveling false accusations ag them, JKT sued SS for libel to amt of Rs 10 b & Aleem Khan sending SS libel notice for Rs 30 b tomorrow

After the first fifteen-twenty minutes, it was like the SS Trump hit the iceberg, then backed up and hit it again just because.

Attention GOP: The lowering of the lifeboats on SS Trumptanic planned for Sunday after the debate, has been rescheduled for right effing now

Congrats to our SS, @bcraw35: Wilson Defensive Player of the Year! #LongHairDontCare #SFGiants

Possible HOU lineup in '17: RF Springer, 3B Bregman, 2B Altuve, SS Correa, LF Reddick, 1B Gurriel, C McCann, DH Gattis, CF Marisnick.

Rust-Belt voters: "SAVE OUR JOBS!" GOP: "Give your SS to our fund manager friends and privatize Medicaid. We hear you loud and clear!"

Tonight's #SFGiants lineup at CHC: Hernandez CF Belt 1B Posey C Pence RF Pagan LF Crawford SS Tomlinson 2B Gillaspie 3B Cueto RHP

Cubs lineup: CF Lanky guy DH Thumby guy 3B Dreamy guy 1B Happy guy LF Versatile guy SS Young guy C Energy guy RF Rich guy 2B Hyper guy P Guy

Moving to privatize Medicare after 2016 smacks of the SS privatization push of 2004.

Tonight's #SFGiants Game 2 lineup vs CHC: Span CF Belt 1B Posey C Pence RF Crawford SS Pagan LF Gillaspie 3B Panik 2B Samardzija RHP

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Addison Russell is the first SS to hit a Grand Slam in #WorldSeries history #Cubs #FlytheW

Today's #SFGiants lineup vs. LAD: Span CF Belt 1B Posey C Pence RF Crawford SS Pagan LF Panik 2B Gillaspie 3B Moore LHP

Youngest SS with multiple HR in a #postseason 1. Carlos Correa 2015 2. Corey Seager 2016 3. Francisco Lindor 2016 4. Derek Jeter 1997

Youngest SS with multiple HR in a #postseason 1. Correa - 2015 2. Seager - 2016 3. Russell - 2016 4. Lindor - 2016 5. Jeter - 1997

St Louis #Cardinals SS Aldemys Diaz, who grew up with Jose Fernandez, had left the team to join Fernandez's family in Miami

Youngest SS with multiple career #postseason HR 1. Carlos Correa 2. Corey Seager 3. Addison Russell 4. Francisco Lindor 5. Derek Jeter

#STLCards lineup vs. Pittsburgh (10/2): Carpenter 1B Diaz SS Molina C Piscotty RF Peralta 3B Moss LF Gyorko 2B Grichuk CF Wainwright RHP

Somebody on the Carsonpathian smells regained relevance amid the turmoil at SS #Trumptanic

.@mattyglesias And who cares? If Biden didn't have 2nd home, SS would rent nearby If Trump didn't have private plane, they'd fly commercial


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What does SS stand for?
SS stands for "Steel Sword".
How to abbreviate "Steel Sword"?
"Steel Sword" can be abbreviated as SS.
What is the meaning of SS abbreviation?
The meaning of SS abbreviation is "Steel Sword".
What is SS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SS is "Steel Sword".
What does SS mean?
SS as abbreviation means "Steel Sword".
What is shorthand of Steel Sword?
The most common shorthand of "Steel Sword" is SS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SS in term.