What does Chain mean?

Chain means Chain mail armor

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Particularly in game Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Chain mail armor?

Chain mail armor can be abbreviated as Chain
What does Chain mean? It stands for Chain mail armor
Chain - Chain mail armor in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Chain

Wikileaks released info. Russians altered it. Trump recited alteration. Follow the whole chain, with US intel input.

Top of the food chain.

Playlist: Fleetwood mac- The Chain / Oasis-Columbia/ The Verve-Lucky Man/ Alanis Morissette -Ironic/ Placebo-Nancyboy/ Pixies-Is She Weird

Imagine the email chain it took to make this tweet happen

RULE: we need to establish a clear chain of command from trump's cabinet down to the republican house by human centipedeing all of them

Netflix signs deal with theater chain to put original films on the big screen by @jordanrcrook

Looking at photos of @FLOTUS in her goddess chain mail gown is my new therapy

That chain talk tho.

Lessons in supply-chain-management methods from the Italian underworld

.@RepMikeRogers, who left Trump's transition team: "There is some confusion going on about a chain of command"

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Beyond ATM line,real issue is disruption of Demand-Supply chain.NO Serious effort to REVIEW this threat from Govt till now

I'm told today's @GeneralHospital is going to be off the chain. Everybody......go watch this on @ABCNetwork. Don't miss it. I won't!

Play Ennuigi, a game where Luigi has become a chain-smoking nihilist

Ghareeb chain ki neend so raha hai, said PM Modi. Videos tell different story. Do watch!

To win 4 #wildlife: end #corruption; seize assets; disrupt supply chain; educate consumers; close #markets SIGN

Reality check through special video on PM Modi's claims that 'ghareeb chain ki neend so raha hai'

Please read this food chain in the center carefully... And think.

So Govt shd take serious STEP at War level to neutralize REAL THREAT of Noteban issue-Demand-Supply chain,specially in rural,semi urban area

Firstly two boys throw student to the ground and that cause chain reaction. Watch out 1:24


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What does Chain stand for?
Chain stands for "Chain mail armor".
How to abbreviate "Chain mail armor"?
"Chain mail armor" can be abbreviated as Chain.
What is the meaning of Chain abbreviation?
The meaning of Chain abbreviation is "Chain mail armor".
What is Chain abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Chain is "Chain mail armor".
What does Chain mean?
Chain as abbreviation means "Chain mail armor".
What is shorthand of Chain mail armor?
The most common shorthand of "Chain mail armor" is Chain.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Chain in term.