What does NPC mean?

NPC means Non-Player Character

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What is the abbreviation for Non-Player Character?

Non-Player Character can be abbreviated as NPC
What does NPC mean? It stands for Non-Player Character
NPC - Non-Player Character in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NPC

Imagine a game like Halo, The Last of Us, or Witcher 3, where Geralt, Ellie, Master Chief, and every NPC sounds like Tommy Wiseau.

Twiggy needs to realise that if you give people an education, look after their health & give them a job, they won't be on welfare #npc

Dishonored 2 wants you to think twice about killing by giving every NPC guard a backstory:

ur man looks like an NPC video game character who wasn't fully rendered

If an NPC asks, begs or demands the PCs do something, it isn't a message from the GM. It's just that NPC being needy.

Something I commonly see folks who watch RPGs mistakenly assuming is that if an NPC desires a thing so too must the GM...

BOOM! Warren Gatland's son Bryn seals late drop goal for NPC promotion. @Mitre10Cup final tomorrow SS5 7.30am

When in doubt, ask an NPC! RT @PaperBatVG Alright naawwww @NintendoAmerica, ya'll crooks for this one

Happening now in Islamabad, people chanting #DehshatgardiMurdabad outside NPC, join them and be heard.

#NPC Standing Committee unanimously passed its #HongKong Basic Law interpretation, Mon

More Comments with NPC...

News: Help Train the Newest "Sword Art Online" NPC

NEWS: NPC of Germany released the 2017 education programme - it sees more focus on sports for people with impairment

#GamerFights Lvl 4: What NPC deserves to be the protagonist their own game?

The Mitchell Institute has today backed-up calls I made at the NPC for the Gov to look at extending 3yo preschool

Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, Addressing the #NPC #live on #ABC

#Mafia3 NPC spoke about black men getting arrested for weed spending years in prison while white boys for the same crime get almost none.

New study suggests NPC grafting faces major challenges related to cell survival @JNeurosciRes

Liberal supporters in audience of this #actvotes debate have been given multiple looks by NPC execs to stop heckling. #actvotes

.@WGEADirector on findings of Australia's gender equality scorecard @PressClubAust - the reporting process & data are driving change. #NPC


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does NPC stand for?
NPC stands for "Non-Player Character".
How to abbreviate "Non-Player Character"?
"Non-Player Character" can be abbreviated as NPC.
What is the meaning of NPC abbreviation?
The meaning of NPC abbreviation is "Non-Player Character".
What is NPC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NPC is "Non-Player Character".
What does NPC mean?
NPC as abbreviation means "Non-Player Character".
What is shorthand of Non-Player Character?
The most common shorthand of "Non-Player Character" is NPC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NPC in term.