What does IDK mean?

IDK means I don’t know

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What is the abbreviation for I don’t know?

I don’t know can be abbreviated as IDK
Other shorthands for I don’t know are: idkh, IDKY, DUNNO, 404, IDKAT, ionno, IONO, dunna, AUO, Idn, IDUNNO, IDKW, IDKABTT, idnk, IDK, IDKT, iunno, idkyb, dernoe
What does IDK mean? It stands for I don’t know
IDK - I don’t know in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having IDK

I used to think Baltimore was a country in the Middle East idk why

i woke up feeling more sick today :/ this is such and important weekend idk what to do

If I apologize for something that isn't my fault you might as well accept my apology??? Idk????


kanye is a genius who occasionally does irl clickbait n then idiots gets buttmad as hell. this is a dumb cycle. idk im gonna eat cereal

If this ain't me in the future idk what is

wait, remember when kanye said bill cosby was innocent n we were all mad at him for a day n then he put out a perfect album? idk im chilling

@yourlieindaniel idk i just listened to him clang around under my heavy breath until he closed the door

Yeah bc the gym is empty and it helps me clear my thoughts it's like the best self therapy for me idk haha

Fave food in Portugal: the meat with potatoes and mushroomy kinda sauce- idk what it's called but it's AMAZING!

More Comments with IDK...

idiot: yeah idk I've had it a bunch and I just don't think Raising Cane's is that good me:

@aIbondjh idk a shock lemur who'd have thought

@iiNinjaBunnyii say 'hello in 5 mins' idk literally anything other than pretend you aren't there

two films that might help. moonlight. arrival. both life-affirming, powerful pieces of art. they both helped me cry. idk. they both helped.

Just walked past an 8 year old singing "in too deep" by sum 41 at the top of his lungs while walking his dog IDK how he knows it but AWESOME

I say the 2017 season we just play MW2. Is that bias? Idk... maybe.

Remember literally a week ago when WoC called #TheContinent racist & the reply was "Oh IDK, if it's really racist, how did it get so far?"

if ur like me & have been glued to twitter bc you dont know what else to do, maybe it might help, idk. feedback is welcome! ok i love u bye

i try be more patient & forgiving every second but the cumulative disrespect & cruelty of the last year jus hit me & i feel floored. idk rn


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does IDK stand for?
IDK stands for "I don’t know".
How to abbreviate "I don’t know"?
"I don’t know" can be abbreviated as IDK.
What is the meaning of IDK abbreviation?
The meaning of IDK abbreviation is "I don’t know".
What is IDK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IDK is "I don’t know".
What does IDK mean?
IDK as abbreviation means "I don’t know".
What is shorthand of I don’t know?
The most common shorthand of "I don’t know" is IDK.