What does PR mean?

PR means Poison Resistance

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What is the abbreviation for Poison Resistance?

Poison Resistance can be abbreviated as PR
What does PR mean? It stands for Poison Resistance
PR - Poison Resistance in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PR

US presidential candidate @DrJillStein (Greens) draws attention to Obama's war on whistleblowers in election eve PR

This @npr annotated transcript is fantastic.

Skittles PR team staring at Twitter rn

On the phone with Facebook PR and they literally ask me "what is truth"

Turns out threatening to kill the next president isn't great business PR.

@lemonandshallot Mandy Grunwald, Clinton's chief PR consultant (paid nearly US$1m), writing to her campaign chief, John Podesta.

Hey if you call Bannon "controversial" in a story or headline do us all a favor and quit journalism and do PR for car dealerships.

Wag the Dog: Pentagon paid PR firm $540mn to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign

My job is to tell what's happening on ground, good and bad. For pure positivity,hire PR agency/cheerleader journos.

It's the coffee face mask from @Lush_PR @itsssarjxoxo

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THE FUTURE IS HERE @TrayvonBromell wins his first world title!!!! 6.47 FTW & a new PR!! #Portland2016

If PR were a country, it could go to the IMF. If it were a city, it could declare bankruptcy. It can do neither because of Congress.

New version de Reuf prod @HUGZHEFNER pr la sortie de #FiveLeFilm 1er de mn poto @igorgotesman ac @pierreniney le 30

Robert Kraft says he wrote Goodell a letter asking for 1st-rd pick back. DESERVES it back. Hope letter wasn't just PR gesture for NE fans.

Jon Jones' PR rep says he's fighting Rumble Johnson on April 23.

That Obama thinks police need to be transformed & do a better job of PR is purely delusional

Sixers PR man: "Last question, guys." Iverson, laughing: "How you gonna tell me 'Last question?' I don't play for the Sixers no more!"

What's gonna be really funny, after Kobe's retirement tour, is seeing Tim Duncan retire via an email sent by Spurs PR staff.

Turns out the Syrian Opposition Coalition Twitter account was run by a Washington PR firm hired by Saudi Arabia


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What does PR stand for?
PR stands for "Poison Resistance".
How to abbreviate "Poison Resistance"?
"Poison Resistance" can be abbreviated as PR.
What is the meaning of PR abbreviation?
The meaning of PR abbreviation is "Poison Resistance".
What is PR abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PR is "Poison Resistance".
What does PR mean?
PR as abbreviation means "Poison Resistance".
What is shorthand of Poison Resistance?
The most common shorthand of "Poison Resistance" is PR.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PR in term.