What does FM mean?

FM means Frontier Mountains

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What is the abbreviation for Frontier Mountains?

Frontier Mountains can be abbreviated as FM
What does FM mean? It stands for Frontier Mountains
FM - Frontier Mountains in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FM

"Ok Laraa , sing twinkle twinkle" Yeaa Laraa dkt #JoHaRa sekarang! Jom dengar ERA fm pagi ni!

It is quite clear R3 as Governor of RBI was passively complicit in corrupt activities of then FM P. Chidambaram such as in Small Fin Banks.

I find much merit in JJ's arguments against GST. It echoes Namo's letter as CM to UPA Govt. These arguments must be addressed by FM.

Australian FM @JulieBishopMP invited me to visit Australia. I'll be the first Israeli PM to visit. Looking forward.

Istimewa esok #JoHaRa bergabung menjadi #JOZANHARA bersama Johan, Zizan, Haniff & Ray mulai 6-10 pagi di ERA fm.

Due to some sample clearances that are still being worked out, I have to move the album release date. - FM #MC4

Must have been a very strange meeting. UK FM Brexit leader - meeting young Ukrainians who all want into the EU.

@carmen_jbfan LET ME LOVE YOU by DJ SNAKE / JUSTIN BIEBER is playing in a few mins on 106.1 KISS FM Listen & Vote at

Southern Oregon I'll be doing an interview tonight at 10:15 on the Metal Mix Tape 89.5 FM

If you are celebrating 25 years of MMS as FM who changed the economy of India; have the courage to compliment the leadership of PVNR as PM.

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I want to apologize to my fans that are waiting, I want to make sure the album is something special. - FM #MC4

Catch EFF Press Briefing Today at 12h00 Live on: SABC Chanel 404 eNCA Chanel 403 Motsweding FM Umhlobo Wenene FM SA FM

Germany:COAS met Foreign Minister.Discussion focused on bilateralism,regional security&peace in region. FM acknowledged Pak contribution..-1

Former FM @AlexSalmond - no example of ANY organisation treating former members better than existing ones. #EUDebate

Congrats to Assam CM Sonowal n FM Himantha for becoming d first state to pass GST amendment

And yet journalists not attacking witless mismanagement by FM, Jaitley. Curious can't be criticised! #demonetisation

SNP now contradicting themselves on Brexit. Briefing that they want EEA membership when this would breach one of FM's '5 tests' from June.

We hear you... you want to hear @justinbieber's #Company... it's on KISS-FM RIGHT NOW!

Always a good time with @JoJoWright on @1027KIISFM !! Listen live tonight at 9p!


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does FM stand for?
FM stands for "Frontier Mountains".
How to abbreviate "Frontier Mountains"?
"Frontier Mountains" can be abbreviated as FM.
What is the meaning of FM abbreviation?
The meaning of FM abbreviation is "Frontier Mountains".
What is FM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FM is "Frontier Mountains".
What does FM mean?
FM as abbreviation means "Frontier Mountains".
What is shorthand of Frontier Mountains?
The most common shorthand of "Frontier Mountains" is FM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FM in term.