What does Sof mean?

Sof means Squeal of Fortune

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What is the abbreviation for Squeal of Fortune?

Squeal of Fortune can be abbreviated as Sof
What does Sof mean? It stands for Squeal of Fortune
Sof - Squeal of Fortune in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Sof

Of course the mic was rigged during the debate. BUT. Trump needs a SOF sound tech or CIA guy. If they catch you slipping, it's on YOU.

Turkish backed rebels again on video calling the American SOF fighting with them Christian pigs. Great partners.

Major Gen Ihor Hordiychuk led SOF unit defending Savur-Mohyla. Now teaches a new gen of soldiers #UAHeroes

Pakistani & Russian Special Operations Forces during the joint #Druzbha2016 SOF exercise at Cherat #Pakistan.

CQC training was also conducted by the visiting Russian Special Forces personnel at SOF training center at Cherat.

Hi ex-Navy SEAL and SOF security forces said it was 100% suicide. There'd have been a bombing by Islamic locals.

Nintendo Reports Sales Decline as Amiibo, Wii U Software Interest Drops Off

US SOF chased out of rebel held al-Rai, rebels reportedly chanting "Americans we're coming for your slaughter"

High tension between US SOF and the Turkish backed rebels. Reports that US have gone back into Turkey - @pepperm4n

As @realDonaldTrump roots for American troops to fail in Mosul, SOF is killing top ISIS leaders

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Found some interesting footage of Canadian SOF in Iraq, looking like they're in some serious combat around #Mosul

What is my favorite way to relax? At my house in the SOF with friends, our pool, delicious food and playing scrabble of course! #AskDameJoan

Pretty fraught meeting with Sof S Transport on the disaster that is @SouthernRailUK unanimous views on Unions,fares and compensation

CTU are one of Iraq's best-trained and -equipped units with close assistance from U.S. SOF. Will lead charge in three-pronged pesh attack

Kind of funny/sad/weird that the US SOF in Syria drive more beat up Toyota trucks than IS

These are supposed to be the most moderate rebels, the ones fighting w/ US SOF. Still they resort to the "no Christians" rhetoric. Worrying.

Announcing Skype Operations Framework & SOF Partners: #Skype4B #MSIgnite

.@Mapperman I think it's highly dangerous to be sending US SOF with people that clearly don't want them there, won't care if they get hurt.

#Polish #SOF unit #JWK in action!


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What does Sof stand for?
Sof stands for "Squeal of Fortune".
How to abbreviate "Squeal of Fortune"?
"Squeal of Fortune" can be abbreviated as Sof.
What is the meaning of Sof abbreviation?
The meaning of Sof abbreviation is "Squeal of Fortune".
What is Sof abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Sof is "Squeal of Fortune".
What does Sof mean?
Sof as abbreviation means "Squeal of Fortune".
What is shorthand of Squeal of Fortune?
The most common shorthand of "Squeal of Fortune" is Sof.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Sof in term.