What does CoH mean?

CoH means City of Heroes

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What is the abbreviation for City of Heroes?

2 ways to abbreviate City of Heroes
City of Heroes can be abbreviated as CoH
Other shorthands for City of Heroes are: coh
What does CoH mean? It stands for City of Heroes
CoH - City of Heroes in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CoH

JUST IN -- Trump: Raised: $30.5 million Spent: $49.3 million COH: $16 million

Press Office Director on suspended participation in channels with #Russia established to sustain CoH in #Syria

We are suspending our participation in bilateral channels w/ Russia that were established to sustain CoH in #Syria:

#Russia Bombs Public Market in #Idlib Hours after Announcement of #Russia-#US Deal #COH

#Syria monitor @syriahr reports *0 casualties* in the first 24hrs of the ceasefire, within designated CoH areas.

Trump campaign alone (Aug): $41m raised; $30m spent; $50m CoH. Clinton campaign alone (Aug): $59m raised; $49m spent; $68m CoH.

Kerry: A demilitarized zone will be established around #Castello Road, allowing unimpeded aid deliveries. #Ramouseh will see full CoH.

Kerry: Through this new CoH, full humanitarian access will be provided to *all* besieged areas, including #Aleppo.

UK shares @UN frustration over lack of progress delivering humanitarian aid into besieged areas of #Syria during COH

US is suspending its participation in bilateral channels w Russia tht were established to sustain CoH in #Syria. 1/6

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.@JohnKerry: we suspended bilateral discussions w/ Russia on CoH. But not giving up on Syrian people or ceasing multilateral efforts. #Syria

The 'Caesar bill' has passed today, after the WH stalled it during the CoH.

#UNSC must call on parties to resume talks immediately, respect COH, and allow & facilitate unimpeded & sustained humanitarian access #Yemen

Putin/Bashar will likely follow humanitarian aid convoys to locate storage facilities to later bomb. CoH is great regime intel opportunity.

Believe this when I see it: #CoH Collapse might lead Gulf + Turkey to arm #Syria's rebels w/ anti-aircraft weapons

UK calls on #Russia as cosponsor of US-Russia arrangement to fulfil obligations and hold #Assad regime to #CoH terms.

Pro-#Assad coalition has: - publicly rejected #CoH - indiscriminately bombed Aleppo - targeted a UN aid convoy Ceasefire's gone. Let it go.

Gary Johnson has an impressive fundraising month, taking in $5 million in August and has $2.9 mil coh

Seems clear that airstrike was done by Russia to undermine CoH agreement. Can now blame rebels when they dont abide


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CoH stand for?
CoH stands for "City of Heroes".
How to abbreviate "City of Heroes"?
"City of Heroes" can be abbreviated as CoH.
What is the meaning of CoH abbreviation?
The meaning of CoH abbreviation is "City of Heroes".
What is CoH abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CoH is "City of Heroes".
What does CoH mean?
CoH as abbreviation means "City of Heroes".
What is shorthand of City of Heroes?
The most common shorthand of "City of Heroes" is CoH.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CoH in term.