What does fl mean?

fl means firelord

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What is the abbreviation for firelord?

firelord can be abbreviated as fl
What does fl mean? It stands for firelord
fl - firelord in Undefined by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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FACT: If EVERY SINGLE GREEN PARTY VOTER had chosen Hillary in AZ, FL, ME, & PA, Hillary would have STILL LOST. This isn't about 3rd parties.

Wow - thank you Pensacola, FL. See you Friday at 7pm -- join me!

Thanks for the tip - we ran the four-state OH-PA-NC-FL table indeed and added MI in for good measure.

Folks, in the two FL counties I've been watching, Hillary is DRAMATICALLY UNDERPERFORMING Obama. We've got FL.

FoxNews interviewing people in FL. Only one person says "Hillary," then says, "I know I'm in the minority today." Very telling.

Right now, Trump is making up more than half of Obama's entire 2012 margin of victory in FL in JUST ONE COUNTY!

Right now, Hillary is running roughly 60% behind Obama's performance in Hillsborough. Obama won FL in 2012 by only 1%. Devastating for her.

One fact from our FL poll that helps explain why it will be so hard for Trump to come back: his favorability with undecideds is literally 0

Trump won this election so big, he could have lost OH and NC and STILL won. He could have lost FL and won.

.@timtebow will report to #Mets Instructional League on September 18 in Port St. Lucie, FL.

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Here's what the map looks like now, with a 2-3% national lead for Clinton. FL/OH/NC/IA/NV all toss-ups.

In PPP FL poll, Trump gets 16% of D's to Hillary's 6% of R's, but Hillary wins poll. More and more of this "doesn't add up" polling.

Witness the launch of @NOAA's GOES-R satellite! Apply to attend #NASASocial in FL Nov. 3-4:

Trump just appointed man who brags about being "climate criminal" to pick staffers at EPA. 2/3 of FL voters want more done on climate change

Thanks #2A => FL Concealed Carrier Shoots Man Beating up Deputy

Is @DWStweets again trying to fix selection of FL party chair after historic losses? Enough!Dems needs open process!

New minor-lg names for '17: Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, Binghamton Rumble Ponies, Down East Wood Ducks, FL Fire Frogs, NO Baby Cakes. Really.

Fwiw, He did campaign in FL - a lot. And he said he'd flip CA and NY

Forming ACTION GROUPS in: Baltimore NYC Charlotte SC STL FL MI NM Austin LA SF Seattle ...& counting. Reply to join or add city.


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What does fl stand for?
fl stands for "firelord".
How to abbreviate "firelord"?
"firelord" can be abbreviated as fl.
What is the meaning of fl abbreviation?
The meaning of fl abbreviation is "firelord".
What is fl abbreviation?
One of the definitions of fl is "firelord".
What does fl mean?
fl as abbreviation means "firelord".
What is shorthand of firelord?
The most common shorthand of "firelord" is fl.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word fl in term.