What does Santa mean?

Santa means Santa hat

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What is the abbreviation for Santa hat?

Santa hat can be abbreviated as Santa
What does Santa mean? It stands for Santa hat
Santa - Santa hat in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Santa

When Santa need you off the bench

When you're ooky spooky but also ready to reluctantly turn up for Santa

5' ST Alario, de cabeza, dice que #River le gana a Santa Fe por 2-0 en la final de la #RecopaSudamericana

Someone just told Boogie Santa isn't real...

just ate veggie grill for the first time in months. dat santa fe doe

Mall Santa loses job for telling girl Hillary Clinton on naughty list

Impresionante marco en el estadio Monumental. Se viene River vs. Santa Fe por la Recopa Sudamericana.

DEVELOPING: Mysterious foam blob taking over streets near airport in Santa Clara, Calif. (KTVU Photos)

Univ Sergio Arboleda,Santa Marta,exponiendo a los estudiantes y profesores los riesgos de los acuerdos Gobierno-Farc

[AHORA] | Pdte .@NicolasMaduro es recibido en las puertas de la Santa Sede para entrevistarse con el Papa Francisco

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On 24th December this guy is going to announce that Santa Claus will accept old notes if you show him PAN Card.

Meanwhile in Santa Clara... Game Day vibes! #GBvsSF

Tenha a santa paciencia viu

JUST IN: A mysterious foam is filling a street near an airport in Santa Clara, CA. #mysteryfoam

Galera se amarrou na capa, eh eh. "Santa nostalgia, Batman!"

Four years ago today, I made my Broadway debut as Jack Kelly. I sang the Santa Fe key change 4 bars early and it was glorious.

Check out this awesome bike rider, cycling through a spewing foam spill in Santa Clara. Rad!

Chinese got to Santa. He's in on the hoax now. Everyone's for sale. "North Pole is 36 degrees warmer than normal"

And more of the bike rider sliding through massive foam spill in Santa Clara.


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What does Santa stand for?
Santa stands for "Santa hat".
How to abbreviate "Santa hat"?
"Santa hat" can be abbreviated as Santa.
What is the meaning of Santa abbreviation?
The meaning of Santa abbreviation is "Santa hat".
What is Santa abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Santa is "Santa hat".
What does Santa mean?
Santa as abbreviation means "Santa hat".
What is shorthand of Santa hat?
The most common shorthand of "Santa hat" is Santa.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Santa in term.