What does ROK mean?

ROK means Ruins Of Kunark

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What is the abbreviation for Ruins Of Kunark?

Ruins Of Kunark can be abbreviated as ROK
What does ROK mean? It stands for Ruins Of Kunark
ROK - Ruins Of Kunark in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ROK

Shared security at the top of our US-ROK agenda. Repeated provocations by the #DPRK are unacceptable & a threat to global security.

Farewell Republic of Korea #RAF #ROK_MND @UKinKorea

Bu Sri Mulyani pakai rok, lebih tegas dari banyak tentara & polisi. Pak Kapolda perlu lebih hati2 kalau bicara.

Video: North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile from a submarine, two days after ROK-US war game

Invincible Shield begins. #RAF, #ROK_MND Air Force, and #USAF fly together on exercise for the first time

Trump describes extended deterrence like a protection racket. Allies will respond. Some will Finlandize; ROK, others may proliferate. (5/10)

Korean War Remembered #RAF #ROK_MND #WeWillRememberThem #ArmisticeDay #LestWeForget #Remembrance @UKinKorea

With ROK continuing to stress need to deploy #THAAD, Seoul tied to Washington's chariot

During 48th U.S.-Republic of Korea Security Consultative Meeting, #SecDef and ROK MinDef discussed continued threat from North Korea.

On the Korean Peninsula, U.S. and ROK forces don't just say "Ready to #FightTonight" - they live it!

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#SECDEF: US committed to defending its allies w/ "full spectrum of American military might." @USForcesKorea @ROK_MND

Sinds vanmorgen dementerende vrouw (84) vermist vanaf Griffioenstraat #Middelburg. Grijs krullend haar, bril, grijze jas en rok. Tips?112

One Force, One Fight: @USArmy and @ROK_Army operate as an integrated force in #Korea

Shopify Erased The ROK Store From The Internet While I Was Fulfilling 55 Orders

DepSec @ABlinken visited SNU to talk on US-ROK relationships & current issues with bright young students.

Ini Kumpulan Insiden Tak Terduga Saat Pengibaran bendera. Dari Kebalik Sampai Rok Merosot, Semuanya Viral

~300 artillery pieces from 49 artillery battalions to take part in #ROK live-fire exercise.

que Rok & Koolette mettent l'ambiance dans toutes les arenas

'Medal hamara koi nahi rok sakta' A fire like no other Thank you #SakshiMalik #Rio2016


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does ROK stand for?
ROK stands for "Ruins Of Kunark".
How to abbreviate "Ruins Of Kunark"?
"Ruins Of Kunark" can be abbreviated as ROK.
What is the meaning of ROK abbreviation?
The meaning of ROK abbreviation is "Ruins Of Kunark".
What is ROK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ROK is "Ruins Of Kunark".
What does ROK mean?
ROK as abbreviation means "Ruins Of Kunark".
What is shorthand of Ruins Of Kunark?
The most common shorthand of "Ruins Of Kunark" is ROK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ROK in term.