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1BR 1 Business Radio    
1KPOV 1000 Points Of View    
30 End of News Release    
407 RRD 407th Radio Research Detachment    
47 Agent 47, Hitman    
A&E Arts & Entertainment    
A/P Artist's Proof    
A/SP/A Also Spelled As ....    
A/V Audio/Video    
A2 Antenne 2 ( France)    
A2N Access to Nature    
AA Academy Award    
AAA Adult Album Alternative    
AAAA Antics of Alice And Andy    
aAAA Associated Actors and Artists of America    
AAAAAA American Association of Advertising Agencies    
AAAJ Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica    
AABP Alliance of Area Business Publications    
AACE Annual Awards for Communications Excellence    
AAD Animation Audio Design    
AADM Applicable Analysis and Discerete Mathematics (publication)    
AAE All About Eve    
AAEN African American Entertainment Network    
AAF American Advertising Federation    
AAHAA Aahaa NewsPaper In Hindi. India    
AAIA African Americans In Advertising    
AAIM Asian American Independent Media    
AAIM Arkansas Association of Instructional Media    
AAIW Asia Africa Intelligence Wire    
AAIW Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week    
AAMA Alberta Association for Media Awareness    
AAMPP Artist, Agent, Manager, Producer, Promoter    
AAO Ashtabula Art Online    
AAPP Atti della Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti    
AAPR Asian American Policy Review    
AARGH Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia    
AART Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques    
AAT Art & Architecture Thesaurus    
AAVS Ameritech Advanced Video Services    
AAWW Asian American Writers' Workshop    
ABA Australian Broadcasting Authority's    
ABB Assah Bow Boka    
ABBA The Art of Business; The Business of Art    
ABD Attack By Drawing    
ABDR Asian Biotechnology and Development Review    
ABES Association for Broadcast Engineering Standards    
ABG Anscombe Broadcasting Group, LTD.    
ABIP Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program    
ABOFAL A Bit of Fry and Laurie    
ABP Anandabazar Patrika