What does ACLU mean?

ACLU means American Civil Liberties Union

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What is the abbreviation for American Civil Liberties Union?

2 ways to abbreviate American Civil Liberties Union
American Civil Liberties Union can be abbreviated as ACLU
Other shorthands for American Civil Liberties Union are: ACLU
What does ACLU mean? It stands for American Civil Liberties Union
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ACLU

The ACLU's front page

An open letter from the ACLU to President-elect Trump: We will be vigilant every day of your tenure as president.

Thanks to all of our new supporters, Donald Trump will confront the strongest ACLU in the 100 year history of our organization.

The ACLU is here to fight for everyone's rights, no matter who our next president is.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sent feeds that helped police track minorities in Ferguson and Baltimore, ACLU says

Inbox: @ACLU reports a huge spike in supporters after Trump's election.

Since last week's election, hundreds of thousands of donations have been made to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

.@ACLU obtains records on social media surveillance targeting activists of color, presses companies for change

.@ACLU has "know your rights" info on anti-Muslim discrimination, ICE visits, police stops, & more: #WeWontGoBack

Want to volunteer with the ACLU? Go to and someone will get back to you.

More Comments with ACLU...

New brief by @ACLU calls on Wisconsin to offer affidavits at polls for those denied voter ID

There's an ACLU Cellphone App That Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters

BREAKING: ACLU files motion to intervene in lawsuit targeting health care access for women and transgender people.

There's an ACLU Cellphone App That Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters

Bid now before the auction ends! I will record you a new voicemail while supporting @ACLU_SoCal! Check out @IfOnly

From @ACLU atty @Claudia_SF - Police must stop violating Constitution/ADA when using force on disabled civilians.

A corrupt state chemist tainted 24,000 drug cases in Massachusetts. The @ACLU says every case should be vacated:

Charlotte Shooting Shows Why Video Transparency Is Vital via @aclu

.@ACLU report found 1 in 5 CA charters practice restrictive admissions requirements, though they're required to admit all students. #SB322


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What does ACLU stand for?
ACLU stands for "American Civil Liberties Union".
How to abbreviate "American Civil Liberties Union"?
"American Civil Liberties Union" can be abbreviated as ACLU.
What is the meaning of ACLU abbreviation?
The meaning of ACLU abbreviation is "American Civil Liberties Union".
What is ACLU abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ACLU is "American Civil Liberties Union".
What does ACLU mean?
ACLU as abbreviation means "American Civil Liberties Union".
What is shorthand of American Civil Liberties Union?
The most common shorthand of "American Civil Liberties Union" is ACLU.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ACLU in term.