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A Accord    
AA Action Alliance    
AA Asia Africa    
AACL Albanian American Civil League    
AAD African American Democrat    
AAF Anti American Faction    
AAP Albay Ahayasie Parti    
AAP Aam Aadmi Party    
AAPC American Association of Political Consultants    
AASL Alliance Against Sendero Luminoso    
AAUC African-American Unity Caucus    
ABATE A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments    
ABB African Blood Brotherhood    
ABB Arabian Blood Brothers    
ABB Always Backing Bush    
ABB Anybody But Boxer    
ABBA Anybody But Boxer Again    
ABC Anybody But Clinton    
ABCF Anarchist Black Cross Federation    
ABD Anybody But Dean    
ABG Anybody But Gingrich    
ABH Anybody But Hillary    
ABK Anyone But Kerry    
ABLE AIDS Budget Legislative Effort    
ABTP Absentee Ballots, Tabulation by Precinct    
ACA Assembly Constitutional Amendment    
ACA Affordable Care Act    
ACC Anti-Capitalist Convergence (various locations)    
ACCC Allans Cumbersome Communist Collective    
ACCCE American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity    
ACD Advanced Congress of Democrats    
ACDC Arlington County Democratic Committee    
ACDP African Christian Democratic Party    
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union    
ACN Action Congress of Nigeria    
ACON A Collective Of Nihilists    
ACORN Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs    
ACRC American Civil Rights Coalition    
ACRP Alexander County Republican Party    
ACRW Alexander County Repubilcan Women    
ACT Association of Consumers and Taxpayers (New Zealand political party)    
ACU American Conservative Union    
ACWF All-China Women's Federation    
ACWG Anti-Capitalist Working Group    
AD Anti-Diversity    
ADA Americans for Democratic Action    
ADC African Democratic Congress    
ADCC Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee    
ADL Arab Defamation League    
ADM Asociación Democrática de la Mujer