What does GTFO mean?

GTFO means Get the fuck out

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What is the abbreviation for Get the fuck out?

Get the fuck out can be abbreviated as GTFO
Other shorthands for Get the fuck out are: GTFo, GTF
What does GTFO mean? It stands for Get the fuck out
GTFO - Get the fuck out in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GTFO

Bernie people who savaged Hillary and helped elect Trump jeopardized ALL OF US and now they have the nerve to lecture anyone? GTFO

Honestly, anyone tweeting me that pointing out or standing up to people who are blatantly hateful is just adding to the hate can gtfo.

"I'm not racist, I had no idea the guy with racist policy, encouraging his followers to attack people, endorsed by the KKK was racist" GTFO

i wouldn't let you near me, you nasty as thottie, let alone my dough. gtfo before the nunchucks come out

only liberal trash has 'brunch'. i eat breakfast like an american. gtfo.

"Being called a bigot is so offensive" Meanwhile you're cosigning people who want to legislate permanent inequality for POC. GTFO.

If you dating somebody that's got this on their counter gtfo bruh



You're all hot and smart and beautiful and perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.(Unless you hate humans for no reason then gtfo.)

More Comments with GTFO...

Whoever held up a Rape Melania sign, GTFO. Nobody needs you. Anywhere. On the planet. If you're in the crowd, call it out. #TrumpProtest

jay leno is insufferable. we're gonna pretend 9/11-iraq was the good old days now? gtfo.

Fun fact: in the opening shot of "Ride" those cars were all honking at me to gtfo the way as I grabbed that shot lol

You spent months demonizing Trump and now you want to ride with him in triumph? GTFO

When your coup fails, GTFO of the Whatsapp group:

When your lede states that sexual violence prevention campaigns are "propaganda", GTFO.

why would i lie about something that can EASILY be proven? I rewound my tv, they were BOOING when he said Alton GTFO @TFeaser

I feel really creative today, here's poem for flex queue: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but I love SoloQ so gtfo maybe ty

@OMGLove_ they can "GTFO"


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What does GTFO stand for?
GTFO stands for "Get the fuck out".
How to abbreviate "Get the fuck out"?
"Get the fuck out" can be abbreviated as GTFO.
What is the meaning of GTFO abbreviation?
The meaning of GTFO abbreviation is "Get the fuck out".
What is GTFO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GTFO is "Get the fuck out".
What does GTFO mean?
GTFO as abbreviation means "Get the fuck out".
What is shorthand of Get the fuck out?
The most common shorthand of "Get the fuck out" is GTFO.