What does Focus mean?

Focus means Focus sight.

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What is the abbreviation for Focus sight.?

Focus sight. can be abbreviated as Focus
What does Focus mean? It stands for Focus sight.
Focus - Focus sight. in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Focus

The dems need organization and focus on the young. Need a fifty State strategy and tech rehab. I am in for chairman again.

"Winners focus on winning,Losers focus on winners"

today i'm gonna focus on self-care & do things that make me smile - not to distract me from our reality, but to sprinkle my own magic on top

Talked about aspects relating to agriculture including expanding foothold in bamboo products, land productivity & focus on pulses.

I'm glad I focus on my happiness more compared to those around me. Self love is supah important ya feel

.@HillaryClinton's fundraising team had a "transactional focus," @johnpodesta's asst. complains in @wikileaks email.

Although tonight has been a clear indication of the vast amount who ARENT on our side, it has also shown us those who ARE. Focus on that.

One of the things Republicans need to focus on is winning the local election official positions. This is where the Dem cheating occurs.

Credit where it's due, Obama is handling the turnover with class and gravitas. It's time to focus on future.

Hillary winning the popular vote by a hair means next-to-nothing. Trump did not focus resources on turning out his voters in CA or NY.

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The focus of our Rail Budgets has never been politics. We have worked towards a paradigm shift in the Railways: PM @narendramodi

Toootal normalcy ... nooothing at all to see ... just focus on the peaceful transfer of power...

Just had a participant in tonite's @CBSThisMorning focus group drop out because she feared for her safety if she expressed her opinion on TV

my heads 10000000 places and i need to chill tf out and focus. eye on the prize

People have been the focus of our governance for last 9 years and their welfare will always be our foremost responsibility. /3

.@DavidMay04 and @OllyOfficial went head-to-head in a penalty shoot-out for #MUTVHD's Thursday Focus...

.@FrankLuntz's election night predictions may have been off but his last 2 debate focus groups nailed it.

China to grow coal pwr by 19% over 5 yrs. Cda should focus more on global GHG not new tax that will harm our economy

Media love to use Jeff Sessions' middle name, Beauregard, whenever they want to focus on race. NYT used it today for first time in 7 years.


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What does Focus stand for?
Focus stands for "Focus sight.".
How to abbreviate "Focus sight."?
"Focus sight." can be abbreviated as Focus.
What is the meaning of Focus abbreviation?
The meaning of Focus abbreviation is "Focus sight.".
What is Focus abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Focus is "Focus sight.".
What does Focus mean?
Focus as abbreviation means "Focus sight.".
What is shorthand of Focus sight.?
The most common shorthand of "Focus sight." is Focus.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Focus in term.