What does HG mean?

HG means A Hill Giant

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What is the abbreviation for A Hill Giant?

A Hill Giant can be abbreviated as HG
What does HG mean? It stands for A Hill Giant
HG - A Hill Giant in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having HG

Pesquisa Data HG: Em quem pretende votar?

To em livestream jogando com os brodi uns HG cola junto

Chase and HG with an inside look at the brand new Rubenstein Pavilion. #DukeBluePlanet

If you're a former Big Brother HG and you support this man and behavior like this, you should be ashamed of yourself

I wish America's Care Package was the ability to send a HG a disadvantage. "Sorry Corey, you're a Have Not for the rest of the summer!" BB18

Star Trek, HG Wells, and a small planet in the suburbs of an ordinary galaxy

Sy selalu bela hg dizolimi, sekarang giliran SBY #SBYSelaluDihati

An HG staffer's friend found this kitty, Jolene, in an alley. She's for adoption @SanteDOr! #blackcatappreciationday

What do you think about the returning HG's for #BB18? Do you think they're frontrunners? ...or "little mini-fish in a tank full of sharks?"

Godis 4.90kr/hg

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Happy Birthday to my follow countryman and former Man Utd Legend Big Harry Gregg. I will be at the HG Foundation next month in Coleraine:)

No longer on HG - My future Read:

Comparad mi ultimo video de HG la nueva calidad que he conseguido <3


Tonight, you'll get to vote LIVE for the #BBCarePackage which will award one HG w/ the coveted POV. Voting will open after HOH comp. #BBOTT

VIDEO: Roy and HG give their #Rio2016 wrap and explain to @LaTrioli what a 'flatbag' is

#GOP making history for all the WRONG reasons. Garland deserves hg & vote, & Americans deserve a fully functioning #SCOTUS #whycourtsmatter

...and now for the next group of #BB18 HG's, thoughts? #BBGlenn #BBBridgette #BBJozea

53' - GOOOOOOAAAALLL!! #S2 equalize on a goal from HG player Mansaray as he taps home Parra's free kick #OKCvSEA


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What does HG stand for?
HG stands for "A Hill Giant".
How to abbreviate "A Hill Giant"?
"A Hill Giant" can be abbreviated as HG.
What is the meaning of HG abbreviation?
The meaning of HG abbreviation is "A Hill Giant".
What is HG abbreviation?
One of the definitions of HG is "A Hill Giant".
What does HG mean?
HG as abbreviation means "A Hill Giant".
What is shorthand of A Hill Giant?
The most common shorthand of "A Hill Giant" is HG.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word HG in term.