What does Pps mean?

Pps means Polypore staff

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What is the abbreviation for Polypore staff?

Polypore staff can be abbreviated as Pps
What does Pps mean? It stands for Polypore staff
Pps - Polypore staff in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Pps

Going by Del HC verdict's logic, what was the need of accepting aid and advice of council of ministers for appointing special PPs ?? 4/n

mereka bekerja di Kpl2 MANCING TUNA Pihak PPS keluarkan SPB tdk teliti,Aparat di laut sprtinya ada main,KPL PSDKP ...

Steve Rotherham, Corbyn's PPS, wins Liverpool mayoral nomination against Joe Anderson and Luciana Berger.

Rajon Rondo through 10 games: 76 points on 91 shots (0.84 PPS) 34.1% from the field 25% from 3-point D-Rating on: 107.5 D-Rating off: 97.1

Anecdote: Steve Rotheram had never had broccoli until he became Jeremy Corbyn's PPS, now he quite likes it. #lab16

Yanno, if you didn't defund prevention education in schools and stopped closing PPs, this might not happen

Numbers swelling despite the rain & Steve Rotheram MP, @jeremycorbyn PPS has also arrived

Senadores que mudaram o voto: Acir Gurgacz (PDT-RO), A.C. Valadares (PSB-SE), Cidinho Santos (PR-MT), Cristovam Buarque (PPS-DF) (cont...)

THE MEGA64 ARCHIVES, our official 2nd YouTube Channel. Aftershows, PPS, panels and lost gems

``esse PPS...

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Hundreds of Lincoln HS students are walking around block protesting PPS board decision @Oregonian #Portland

Smith and Wesson J frame. Ruger SP101. Walther PPS.

#Equity and inclusion are critical to #placemaking: (via @PPS_Placemaking) #playability

DGP sir at the retired PPS officers Sammelan, LUCKNOW #uppolice @javeeddgpup

Cristovam Buarque (PPS-DF) tirou a roupa de democrata, vestiu a de golpista e recebe apoio da extrema direita...

Hey, that's a picture of Toronto! Great article on buildings that work for people by @PPS_Placemaking

Elang Jawa Milik Gatot Brajamusti Akan Dirawat di PPS Tegal Alur.

So now the students say they are heading to PPS HQ, against advice of some adults here trying to manage this.

Students say they are going to march to PPS headquarters in NE


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Pps stand for?
Pps stands for "Polypore staff".
How to abbreviate "Polypore staff"?
"Polypore staff" can be abbreviated as Pps.
What is the meaning of Pps abbreviation?
The meaning of Pps abbreviation is "Polypore staff".
What is Pps abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Pps is "Polypore staff".
What does Pps mean?
Pps as abbreviation means "Polypore staff".
What is shorthand of Polypore staff?
The most common shorthand of "Polypore staff" is Pps.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Pps in term.