What does Etc. mean?

Etc. means Etceteria

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Etceteria?

Etceteria can be abbreviated as Etc.
What does Etc. mean? It stands for Etceteria
Etc. - Etceteria in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Etc.

If Republicans thought they were winning the election, they wouldn't be frantically trying to suppress black voters in NC, OH, WI, etc.

Hillary Clinton will end up winning the popular vote by OVER 2 MILLION people - more than Gore, JFK, Nixon etc. Over 2. MILLION. PEOPLE.

The basket of deplorables emailing me. Ive been called kike, jew boy, etc. Not that it matters, you Trump anti-semites, but I'm episcopal.

Powell on Flynn's firing from DIA: "Abusive with staff, didn't listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc."

Do me a favor, turn off CNN/FOX/etc. Educate YOURSELF. Mainstream media is distracting you... there's so much they hide/aren't telling you.

Trump, w/o proof, has pushed numerous conspiracy theories: birtherism, etc. But w/ trove of evidence, won't accept Russia's role in hacking.

In this demonetisation exercise, the goodness of many people is coming through. Citizens, hospitals etc. Why doesn't media highlight this?

A "mistake" Mistry committed was to stop $m of Tata & Sons donation to New York Metmuseum, French and British,etc., & gave deserving Indians

"All we find fit to print" Obama gets pass for Iraq bugout; Obamacare death spiral; Iran Deal sold on a lie; etc. #

Hillary spent 8 minutes defending emails. Trump spent 0 minutes defending his lies about Iraq etc...

More Comments with Etc....

Trump: "You can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for its citizens." He didn't mean the "dummies," "losers," "fat pigs" etc.

Reid Lied About Romney's Taxes, etc...

BREAKING CNN: "All roads now lead to Michigan." Obama, Hillary, Bill, Trump, Ivanka, etc. ALL holding rallies in sep Michigan cities MONDAY.

They can't, they didn't, they couldn't, oh my holy God, etc.

Trump: Democrats "are destroying" the people who live in inner cities. Yep, with Head Start, school lunches, Medicaid, etc.

I am sure the Home Minister will concur with her. This is how Indian civilisation was wiped out from Pakistan etc.

Guy Fawkes was condemned to a gruesome death: genitals cut off and burnt, etc. But he jumped off the scaffold, broke his neck, so avoided it

#WomensEqualityDay seems like appropriate time to take note of women who can't drive, vote, show their faces in public, own property, etc.

We have cherished memories of the great Shelley Duval- The Shining, Popeye etc. Don't let @DrPhil exploit her now


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What does Etc. stand for?
Etc. stands for "Etceteria".
How to abbreviate "Etceteria"?
"Etceteria" can be abbreviated as Etc..
What is the meaning of Etc. abbreviation?
The meaning of Etc. abbreviation is "Etceteria".
What is Etc. abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Etc. is "Etceteria".
What does Etc. mean?
Etc. as abbreviation means "Etceteria".
What is shorthand of Etceteria?
The most common shorthand of "Etceteria" is Etc..
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