What does DS mean?

DS means Damage sheild

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What is the abbreviation for Damage sheild?

Damage sheild can be abbreviated as DS
What does DS mean? It stands for Damage sheild
DS - Damage sheild in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DS

Michelle Obama, Ds' most effective messenger, just wrapped up her surrogate role for '16. She didn't say Trump's name out loud 1x all year.

Time for the DS ... #OurMoment vs #NeverEverQuit #WinDanceRepeat vs #RallyTogether #LALovesOctober vs #OnePursuit #BeliEVEN vs #FlyTheW

Alhamdulillah, trima berita MB N.Sembilan DS Mohamad Hasan kini semakin pulih. Rehat secukupnya, Insya-Allah kmbali sihat seperti sedia kala

If Trump wins by a few EVs, just watch - Ds and some in the media will call on Electoral College to reverse the results and vote for Hill.

Pence win does 3 things:breaks Ds mo a bit; stops Rs from panic; gives Trump stylistic/issue template for next debate. But no poll impact

More HRC cheering registration #s: camp says estimates show NV Latino registration up 24% vs '12, note CO Ds outnumber Rs for 1st time ever.

If I was prime minister for a day (I understand there's lot of changes that need to done) but I'd force Maccy Ds to serve breakfasts ALL DAY

Strongly disagree. Give him a hearing but reject him. Garland is an extremist who combines worst views of Rs and Ds.

Another GOP win in a House race Ds thought they could win. Carlos is a rising GOP star.

#AWANInews #SiapaTumbukJamal: Siapa individu misteri yang menumbuk DS Jamal Md. Yunos? Saksikan #Awani745 malam ini

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The exit poll bias toward younger, educated, diverse electorate was a big reason Ds believed they had electoral edge. Be skeptical now, too

Huge blow to the Ds chance of picking up the senate. And somewhat of a big surprise.

This debate will lead to the sort of style/substance stuff Ds worried about at Hofstra: Pence making stuff up, but so smoothly!

From Mickey Ds to veganism, abandoned by working class. Masterful @davidmaraniss on the fall of the House of Clinton

27 minutes into this Bernie speech, he has not mentioned Hillary or any other Ds running for office

Merci pour vos gentils tweets hier ds #TPMP. Ce matin, avec le vrai Jeanine! #YAPasDeHasard Cc @dubosc_franck

RADIOACTIVE MAN: Trump's sexual assault remarks already in House ads in 3 states, more to come as Ds eye majority >>

Calibration needed for Trump -Media will normalize -Ds will be outraged But ideol. objections must be separated from norm/legal violations

Only Congressional Republican I've seen mention Bannon on Twitter. (Lots of Ds condemning.)


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What does DS stand for?
DS stands for "Damage sheild".
How to abbreviate "Damage sheild"?
"Damage sheild" can be abbreviated as DS.
What is the meaning of DS abbreviation?
The meaning of DS abbreviation is "Damage sheild".
What is DS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DS is "Damage sheild".
What does DS mean?
DS as abbreviation means "Damage sheild".
What is shorthand of Damage sheild?
The most common shorthand of "Damage sheild" is DS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DS in term.