What does PU mean?

PU means Pick Up

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What is the abbreviation for Pick Up?

Pick Up can be abbreviated as PU
Other shorthands for Pick Up are: P/U, 10-31
What does PU mean? It stands for Pick Up
PU - Pick Up in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PU

Tu es la meilleure chose qui ait pu m'arriver

When your parents die and Hillary takes more than half your inheritance, remember Trump said pu$$y,

Dear Hillbots, when an unvetted Syrian Refugee is raping your daughter remember Trump said pu$$y.

When you are staring down the barrel of a Russian soldier's rifle because Hillary destroyed our military, remember Trump said pu$$y.

When Hillary raises your taxes and your healthcare premiums and floods your streets with real rapists, remember, Trump said pu$$y.

College graduates, when you can't find a job after school and have to live in your parent's basement, remember Trump said pu$$y.

When your taxes go up, your insurance skyrockets and you lose your job to an H1-B Immigrant, remember Trump said pu$$y.

When Paul Ryan rubber stamps everything Hillary puts on his desk selling out our sovereignty, remember, Trump said pu$$y.

When terrorists Hillary allowed to cross the border murder your family in a shopping mall, just remember, Trump said pu$$y.

The media has spent more time on Trump saying pu$$y than they did on 50 murdered gays in Orlando.

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Now let's watch all those pu$$ies who bailed on Trump come crawling back.

Wonder if these women will keep these pu**y protest signs for their daughters one day ...

Last night was huge win for TRump. Expect the pu$$ies who bailed on him yesterday to come crawling back.

11.05am Voting just commenced at PU 12/02/01/001, Egor LG. Both party agents inducing voters with money PDP = 1500, APC = 2k #EdoDecides

Exclusive interview: Claude Puel is the man to keep Southampton's production line going

You can mute words now on twitter, I can't help but think we are becoming a bunch of pu$$ies

#EdoDecides Voting commenced at 8 .03am in PU-04 uhiele Primary school ward 09, in Esan West LGA

T'es la meilleure chose qui ait pu m'arriver

"Mon fils ne sait pas lire et pourtant il n'a pas pu redoubler"


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PU stand for?
PU stands for "Pick Up".
How to abbreviate "Pick Up"?
"Pick Up" can be abbreviated as PU.
What is the meaning of PU abbreviation?
The meaning of PU abbreviation is "Pick Up".
What is PU abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PU is "Pick Up".
What does PU mean?
PU as abbreviation means "Pick Up".
What is shorthand of Pick Up?
The most common shorthand of "Pick Up" is PU.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PU in term.