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Look through 140 acronyms and abbreviations related to Knitting:

" inch    
( ) work instructions between parentheses, in the place directed    
* repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed    
* * repeat instructions between asterisks, as directed    
** repeat instructions after asterisks as directed    
ALT Alternate    
approx Approximate    
BEG Begin    
Bet BETWeen    
bo Bind Off    
CA color attending    
CA Color Applet    
CB Color Blindness    
CC contrasting color    
cdd centered double decrease. sl2 tog, K1, pass the slipped stitches over    
ch chain stitch    
cm Centimeter    
cn cable needle: short knitting needle, used as an aid in the twisting of a cable.    
CO cast on    
CONT Continue    
cross 2 L cross 2 stitches to the left    
cross 2 R cross 2 stitches to the right    
DC Double Crochet    
DEC Decrease    
DK Double Knitting weight yarn    
dp double pointed needle    
DPN Double Pointed Needle    
eon End of needle    
EOR End of Row    
FC Front Cross    
fl Front Loop    
Foll follow    
G Gram (g)    
g st garter stitch    
GR Gram    
GRP Group    
HDC Half Double Crochet    
HK Hook    
IN Inch    
INC Increase    
INCL Include    
K Knit    
k tbl Knit stitch through the back loop    
k-b knit stitch in row below    
k-wise knit-wise    
k1 f&b knit 1 stitch in the front, then in the back    
K1 tbl, K1b Knit stitch through the back loop    
k2tog knit 2 stitches together    
k2tog tbl knit 2 stitches together, through the back loops    
kfb knit 1 stitch in the front, then in the back