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#close Number Close    
101 On, off, on    
3s rule 3 Second Rule    
4close Foreplay Close    
@close Email Close    
AA Approach Anxiety    
AFC Average Frustrated Chump    
AFOG Alpha Female Of Group    
AI Accomplished Introduction    
AI Approach Invitation    
AK AMOG Killer    
AMOG Alpha-Male Other Guy    
AMOG Alpha-Male of Group    
Anti-AI Anti Approach Invitation    
AOC Art of Charm    
AOTP Art of the Pickup    
aPUA Aspiring Pick Up Artist    
ASD Anti-Slut Defense    
b Babe    
BAFC Below Average Frustrated Chump    
BBF Beta Boy Friend    
BC Boot Camp    
BF Boyfriend    
BFD Boyfriend Destroyer    
BHRR Bait, Hook, Reel, Release    
BL Body Language    
BS Bitch Shield    
BT Buying Temperature    
BT Spike Buying Temperature Spike    
C&B Crash and Burn    
C&F Cocky and Funny    
CA Charisma Arts    
CB Cockblock    
CP Comfort Plan    
CR Canned Routine    
DAFS Do A Fucking Search    
DAI Dead Approach Invitation    
DDB Doggy Dinner Bowl    
DDBL Doggy Dinner Bowl Look    
DHV Demonstration of Higher Value    
DJ Don Juan    
DLV Display Low Value    
DQ Disqualification    
DYD Double Your Dating    
e&e Eject & Explain    
EBD Error by D    
EC Emotional Connection    
EC Eye Contact    
EV Elicit Values