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18-WHLR 18 Wheeler    
40' HQ High Capacity 40' container    
4WABS Four-Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System    
4WAL Four-Wheel Anti-Lock brake system    
4WAS Four-Wheel Active Steer    
4WD Four Wheel Drive (cf. AWD)    
4WJ Four-Way Junction    
4WP Four Wheel Performance    
4WS Four Wheel Steering    
4X4 Four Wheel Drive    
4X4X4 Four Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Steer    
64 American muscle Car made in 1964    
8A Minority-Owned or Other Disadvantaged Business    
A Autostrada    
A/DACG Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group    
A/G Air - To - Ground    
A/H Antwep /Hamburg Range    
A/I Accident/Incident    
A/L Approach and Landing    
A3 Automatic Three Speed    
A4 Automatic Four Speed    
A5 Automatic Five Speed    
AA American Airlines    
AA Automobile Association (UK)    
AA Assistant Administrator    
AAA Arrival Arrangements Agreements    
AAA Auckland Automobile Association    
AAA Automated Airlift Analysis    
AAA American Automobile Association    
AAAA Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association    
AAC Advanced AERA Concepts    
AAC Advanced Activity Concept    
AAC Airport Aircraft Capacity    
AACT Automated All-weather Cargo Transfer    
AACTS Automated All-weather Cargo Transfer System    
AACV Automated Airport Control Volume    
AADC Approach and Departure Control    
AADC Allison Advanced Development Company    
AADS Airspeed And Directional Sensor    
AADT Average Annual Daily Traffic    
AAF Army Airfield    
AAFIF Automated Air Facilities Information File    
AAI Arrival Aircraft Interval    
AAI Airport Authority of India    
AAIA Airport and Airway Improvement Act    
AAIB Air Accident Investigation Branch    
AAIR Amsafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint    
AAIU Air Accident Investigation Unit (Ireland)    
AAL Above Aerodrome Level