What does DV mean?

DV means Don't Vomit

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What is the abbreviation for Don't Vomit?

Don't Vomit can be abbreviated as DV
What does DV mean? It stands for Don`t Vomit
DV - Don`t Vomit in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DV

I don't speak 4 all women, but I'd much rather support a league w/zero tolerance for DV than 1 that sells me pink gear & sparkly clothes

Why Chapman, despite DV suspension, is allowed to play in postseason, while players suspended for PEDs cannot....

Women in sports media getting killed tonight both FOR mentioning Chapman's DV past and NOT mentioning it. Seems fair.

ICYMI: Why Chapman, despite DV suspension, can play in postseason, while players suspended for PEDs are not:

Latest #Cygnus DV burn completed this am. We are ~4km below & ~550km behind @Space_Station. On track for Sunday morning ISS rendezvous.

I don't understand the NFL, you test positive at the combine you are in the program, you have a DV case in college, no penalty. Horrible.

So many great things happening for me & my team DV in the very near future. I can't wait for you guys to see what we are cooking up :)

Eli Apple shouldn't be chastised/blamed for his mom criticizing #NYG + NFL handling of Josh Brown. She's DV survivor. Her own woman. Period.

#EzekielElliott info on Feb. DV allegation NOT new to law enforcement. New to media as NFL keeps digging for skeleton in #Cowboys RB closet.

If NFL really wants to do more than lip service, then explain how players get thrown out of college for DV and play as rookies? Im asking?

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When it comes to wine accessories, our own @Sharon_Dv has done the research for you. You're welcome. #WoodbrideWines

For the 100th time: there is nothing 'new' on NFL's investigation of #EzekielElliott DV case - except regurgitating stories about it.

She adopted a cat who witnessed domestic violence and murder. Now they work so more DV shelters will allow pets!

"DV leave is one of the most important new protections unions need to be bargaining for" @gedkactu @NadineFloodCPSU

@AnnastaciaMP: DV damages lives and families. Our 200m commitment to #enddfv is a good first step to ending #violenceagainstwomen #ALPQConf

A couple of Ministers who support domestic violence leave - take note, Turnbull government. #dv #endVAW

.@tamronhall's sister was a DV victim. Now Tamron is doing her part to make sure nobody else goes through that pain.

Why we have world's highest construction costs: LendLease-CFMEU deal for 20% pay hike, DV leave, fly union flags on cranes @MsGraceCollier

"@SafeHorizon to me means that I can be a strong & fearless woman on the horizon." #DV survivor speaking at @UFCGYM


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DV stand for?
DV stands for "Don't Vomit".
How to abbreviate "Don't Vomit"?
"Don't Vomit" can be abbreviated as DV.
What is the meaning of DV abbreviation?
The meaning of DV abbreviation is "Don't Vomit".
What is DV abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DV is "Don't Vomit".
What does DV mean?
DV as abbreviation means "Don't Vomit".
What is shorthand of Don't Vomit?
The most common shorthand of "Don't Vomit" is DV.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DV in term.