What does DV mean?

DV means Drunken Vampire

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What is the abbreviation for Drunken Vampire?

Drunken Vampire can be abbreviated as DV
What does DV mean? It stands for Drunken Vampire
DV - Drunken Vampire in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DV

NFL proudly unveiled a new policy in December 2014 including a 6 game suspension for first DV offense. It has yet to be applied. #JoshBrown

the worst part about NFL teams and DV isn't the inaction--it's the charade of thorough investigation and the pretense of a moral code

This is to remember Dr DV Gundappa or DVG, and his Manku Timmana Kagga. May this Epic guide Us in our thoughts and deeds.

Giants were unaware of Josh Brown's journal entries, emails and letters admitting DV, per a team spokesman. They had not read or heard them

"I would not have called police if I knew that was going to happen" on why DV victims don't call 911. Cops kill.

22yrs ago, the Violence Against Women Act was signed into law changing how we respond to #DV #sexualassault. #VAWA

If NFL really wants to do more than lip service, then explain how players get thrown out of college for DV and play as rookies? Im asking?

Can people please sign and share this petition against the Aust and Bill Leak re: DV leave? - via @MegaphoneAU

Today is #NYCGoPurple Day to raise awareness of domestic violence. I stand w/survivors of DV & am committed to combating this heinous crime.

We're here for anyone affected by DV; victims/survivors, friends/family/community members who want to help. 1-800-799-7233 #NewsHourChats

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@AnnastaciaMP: DV damages lives and families. Our 200m commitment to #enddfv is a good first step to ending #violenceagainstwomen #ALPQConf

.@Cen10Football's unsung hero through three games? Has to be @derrick_dv (19 touchbacks, 21-21 XP).

A couple of Ministers who support domestic violence leave - take note, Turnbull government. #dv #endVAW

"Indigenous DV conversation needed: @LindaBurneyMP" @NationalFVPLS @BraybrookA @PowerToPersuade

Why we have world's highest construction costs: LendLease-CFMEU deal for 20% pay hike, DV leave, fly union flags on cranes @MsGraceCollier

@MollyMWilkins @NewsHour Resources are a problem here as well. We have animal shelters in 46 counties but just 18 shelters for DV survivors

"How Domestic Violence In One Home Affects Every Child In A Class" Children who witness #DV often act out in school.

#VAWA's landmark protections prohibit discrimination against DV victims in public/assisted housing #VAWA22 #VAWA4all

#Cowboys #EzekielElliott Cleared Of DV Charges. My column on what's next


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DV stand for?
DV stands for "Drunken Vampire".
How to abbreviate "Drunken Vampire"?
"Drunken Vampire" can be abbreviated as DV.
What is the meaning of DV abbreviation?
The meaning of DV abbreviation is "Drunken Vampire".
What is DV abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DV is "Drunken Vampire".
What does DV mean?
DV as abbreviation means "Drunken Vampire".
What is shorthand of Drunken Vampire?
The most common shorthand of "Drunken Vampire" is DV.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DV in term.