What does BBC mean?

BBC means Blonde By Choice

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What is the abbreviation for Blonde By Choice?

Blonde By Choice can be abbreviated as BBC
What does BBC mean? It stands for Blonde By Choice
BBC - Blonde By Choice in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BBC

The person doing the BBC captions has just given up now #OpeningCeremony

This marine Iguana is getting my vote for BBC Sports Personality of the year.

Marine Le Pen speaking on #Marr Remembrance Sunday? Why not interview our veterans who fought fascists&lost so many comrades?So wrong BBC!

I'm home and really geeking out over this - #PlanetEarth2 starts TONIGHT at 8pm on @BBCOne & 9pm on BBC Earth Nordics. Can't wait!

Top fact about @OwenSmith_MP, man who cd be Lab leader: as young BBC producer asked to get police comment on story, he called 999 #newsnight

Thailand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 27th bbc hall #AOMGINTHAILAND #followthemovement #EVERYTHINGYOUWANTED #

If Leo Messi was on BBC One's Planet Earth

Celebrate Remembrance Sunday by remembering courageous British soldiers who defeated fascists, like Marine Le Pen, who'll be on the BBC

US election 2016: How to review 650,000 emails in eight days - BBC News

Look what happens when you get in a lift and then see we are playing on your floor. @bbcmusic

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Iraqi troops enter IS-held city of Mosul and face heavy resistance - BBC journalist embedded with special forces

US trying to spare jihadist group in case it's needed to unseat Syrian president, Russian foreign minister tells BBC

Thai crown prince to be confirmed as new king on 1 December, BBC understands

.@SkyNews is worse than the BBC. At least we know the BBC is biased. Sky News pretends to be center right. It isn't.

*What's on the news right now* CNN: Trump MSNBC: Trump BBC News: Trump Fox News: Hurricane Matthew

FIRST MAJOR! Thai Ariya Jutanugarn, 20, wins the Women's British Open. Reaction on @BBCTwo:

Hate criticising the BBC but it is failing its viewers and the country if it doesn't toughen up on the far-right

Congrats to Nigerian @DidiAkin! She won this year's BBC World News Komla Dumor Award!

The BBC are manipulating the truth to protect migrants from the terror they bring


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What does BBC stand for?
BBC stands for "Blonde By Choice".
How to abbreviate "Blonde By Choice"?
"Blonde By Choice" can be abbreviated as BBC.
What is the meaning of BBC abbreviation?
The meaning of BBC abbreviation is "Blonde By Choice".
What is BBC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BBC is "Blonde By Choice".
What does BBC mean?
BBC as abbreviation means "Blonde By Choice".
What is shorthand of Blonde By Choice?
The most common shorthand of "Blonde By Choice" is BBC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BBC in term.