What does BBC mean?

BBC means British Broadcasting Corporation

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What is the abbreviation for British Broadcasting Corporation?

British Broadcasting Corporation can be abbreviated as BBC
Other shorthands for British Broadcasting Corporation are: BBC
What does BBC mean? It stands for British Broadcasting Corporation
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BBC

25 years since Bottom first went out today. @BBC are celebrating this with... Oh no, hang on, they're not.

Actor Robert Vaughn, best known for his role in Man From Uncle, dies aged 83, BBC told

Marine Le Pen speaking on #Marr Remembrance Sunday? Why not interview our veterans who fought fascists&lost so many comrades?So wrong BBC!

The BBC has invited a neo-fascist - Marine Le Pen - to be a guest on the Andrew Marr show this Sunday. Remembrance Sunday. Lest we forget?

Celebrate Remembrance Sunday by remembering courageous British soldiers who defeated fascists, like Marine Le Pen, who'll be on the BBC

Mourinho just came back into press conference room to say Sky/BBC's possession stats are wrong. "My guy did it - 42 [percent], not 35."

Expansion of Heathrow airport approved by committee of ministers, source tells BBC

On Remembrance Sunday BBC will interview fascist @marinelepen - "So Mme Fascist, what have you come to tell us today?" You paying for this!

US trying to spare jihadist group in case it's needed to unseat Syrian president, Russian foreign minister tells BBC

Will the @BBC play the video of Charlotte "protesters" beating up the white guy in the parking lot?

More Comments with BBC...

The BBC do the #MannequinChallenge ahead of @BBCCiN

After retro tax, Cong offers retrospective #SurgicalStrikes Brilliant BBC cartoon. Well spotted @singhrajgopal

A congressman told the BBC that protesters in Charlotte "hate white people"

This is my extended assessment for BBC of why we ought to fear a Trump presidency:

Pakistan social media celebrity killed by brother in apparent 'honour killing' #BBCGoFigure

At the BBC, unless you're a vegan half-wit from Islington with an MA in Islamic Studies, you don't have a voice

Congrats to Nigerian @DidiAkin! She won this year's BBC World News Komla Dumor Award!

US election: Obama tells Democrats to be scared of Trump - BBC News

More than 4 times as many tweets made by bots/automated accounts in favor of Trump debate performance. via @BBC


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What does BBC stand for?
BBC stands for "British Broadcasting Corporation".
How to abbreviate "British Broadcasting Corporation"?
"British Broadcasting Corporation" can be abbreviated as BBC.
What is the meaning of BBC abbreviation?
The meaning of BBC abbreviation is "British Broadcasting Corporation".
What is BBC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BBC is "British Broadcasting Corporation".
What does BBC mean?
BBC as abbreviation means "British Broadcasting Corporation".
What is shorthand of British Broadcasting Corporation?
The most common shorthand of "British Broadcasting Corporation" is BBC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BBC in term.