What does PCO mean?

PCO means Please Carry On

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What is the abbreviation for Please Carry On?

Please Carry On can be abbreviated as PCO
What does PCO mean? It stands for Please Carry On
PCO - Please Carry On in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PCO

Photo ops of former presidents and Pres. Rodrigo Duterte before the NSC meeting (Photo: PCO) | @_iancruz

Duterte: PCO is drafting the Administrative Order on the Philippines Task Force against media killings.

#PresidentDuterte: The PCO is drafting the Administrative Order on the Presidential Task Force against media killings. #SONAdu30

Statement of PCO Secretary Martin Andanar on the new leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

#NS had been favorite of Estab till 1999,out of power,signed COD with BB,but to appease Estab,violated COD supported PCO #ChIftikhar n #Memo

LOOK: President Rody Duterte meeting with Senators and PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa. (from PCO)

Check out these #PCO Track Changes podcasts on policy innovation

Ready to take the stage and engage with a fantastic group of public servants at #PCO Town Hall. Stronger Together!

Durante a sabatina da #CBNSP, checamos @henrique29sp (PCO), candidato a prefeito de SP:

Today's PG1: PCO & central control, the Parl Press Gallery turns 150, Lobbying jumps 100 %, @Min_LeBlanc's new role.

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@gulbukhari :Evolved? Violated COD,long march for a PCO CJ?MemoGate?Will get back money looted by Zardari?Gilani should resign?

@MaryamMonsef defends Derek Alton's appointment as one by PCO the non partisan public service. Tories laugh & clap.

Of course they have... PCO just hired ranked ballot system advocate to work on electoral reform. #cdnpoli

@swennovy @Frankenstein68 @aradwanski Go ahead and name one Conservative partisan appointed to a senior Public Service / PCO position.

What's the over / under on a Liberal partisan replacing Dick Fadden to join Mathew Mendhelsohn in politicizing PCO? @aradwanski

@Frankenstein68 @aradwanski The Conservative government never appointed a partisan to a senior Public Service position, let alone PCO.

#ff Bloomberg colleagues in Cuba with Obama @margarettalev (on AF1) & @MikeDorning. And Pco's @IsaacDovere. And @joshledermanAP. And @OKnox.

So many people at #wacaucus. My PCO punched a hole in the bottom of her coffee cup to project her voice. #waelex

@jenditchburn @LindaFrum Perhaps dropping Liberal operative Matthew Mendelsohn into #2 position at PCO has confused some a/b the difference.


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What does PCO stand for?
PCO stands for "Please Carry On".
How to abbreviate "Please Carry On"?
"Please Carry On" can be abbreviated as PCO.
What is the meaning of PCO abbreviation?
The meaning of PCO abbreviation is "Please Carry On".
What is PCO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PCO is "Please Carry On".
What does PCO mean?
PCO as abbreviation means "Please Carry On".
What is shorthand of Please Carry On?
The most common shorthand of "Please Carry On" is PCO.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PCO in term.