What does CTF mean?

CTF means Calm The Fire

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What is the abbreviation for Calm The Fire?

Calm The Fire can be abbreviated as CTF
What does CTF mean? It stands for Calm The Fire
CTF - Calm The Fire in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CTF

I just casted the most RIDICULOUS CTF in all of Black Ops 3... coL just choked a 4-1 lead with 90 seconds left. GOING TO A GAME 5!!!

The most ridiculous CTF ending in Black Ops 3...

According to leaks, the game modes currently listed for IW CWL (CWL Rules v0.0.0) are S&D, Hardpoint, Uplink, + CTF.

EnVy COD secure the 3-1 victory over @OpTicGaming with the 1-0 Fringe CTF win! #CODChamps #BoysInBlue

Raven, It's me Davis again. I heard there were shovels coming. That's dope. I think CTF would also be fairly dope. Have a good day

EnVy clutches up in CTF to take the series 3-1! OpTic now has to fight their way thru the Loser's Bracket

The TF2 devs... just removed cp_badlands (best comp map ever), and added ctf_turbine (worst comp map ever) to the comp rotation... I...WHAT?

We lose the CTF and now it's time for Map 5! Hunted SnD is up next!! #tKAllDay

You can willingly donate to the CTF here at you donate to @CBC every 2 wks against your will on your paycheque

40-15 CTF, 5-1 SnD, 36-25 Demo. GGs IXI! 3-0! In WB Finals now!

More Comments with CTF...

BadLion se puso en contacto conmigo para ver si quiero retransmitir el torneo de CTF como caster! No me llama mucho la atencion sinceramente

Bro if CoD 4 had a trophy system and game modes were added CTF, HP the game would be competitively viable

A collection of CTF Web challenges.

Hopefully IW gets rid of CTF and makes SND decent again. both of those gamemodes in this game were awful imo

Up 1-0 after an intense Invasion CTF!

I've seen so many ctf replays today...

Last night, CBC updated bio of author of op-ed it published attacking the CTF

It has been one year since Bombardier requested a bailout from the Feds. So the CTF is handing out cake #cdnpoli

Replayed map 3 OT and lost. Down 2-1 going 4th map CTF


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CTF stand for?
CTF stands for "Calm The Fire".
How to abbreviate "Calm The Fire"?
"Calm The Fire" can be abbreviated as CTF.
What is the meaning of CTF abbreviation?
The meaning of CTF abbreviation is "Calm The Fire".
What is CTF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CTF is "Calm The Fire".
What does CTF mean?
CTF as abbreviation means "Calm The Fire".
What is shorthand of Calm The Fire?
The most common shorthand of "Calm The Fire" is CTF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CTF in term.